28 September, 2016

Halloween Makeup tutorial: Red and Black Jester (CF)


During my earlier years of life, I had a small obsession with jesters. I'm not entirely sure why- I've always been a bit of an oddball. There was just something about them I found really intriguing. The adoration for these types of characters manifested once I was introduced to Harley Quinn from the 'Batman: The Animated Series'. She was my gateway into the wonderful world of comic books, however, all that's for another time. 

I don't know if it's the playfulness or utter insanity regarding jesters but I've always been drawn to them and their look. (Still on the search for some gorgeous Harlequin printed pieces for my wardrobe.) With the new Suicide Squad movie being released this summer, (which I loved by the way!) it seems the new 52 Harley Quinn will be the Halloween costume of 2016. Personally, I will always prefer the classic Harley Quinn, her look is much cooler in my opinion.

I wanted to create a simple and easy Halloween makeup inspired by the classic Harley Quinn. However, with the inevitable popularity of this look being everywhere this October 31st, I wanted to be less obvious with the character's portrayal. The result; a playful black and red eye shadow look and red lips, both with the required jester features. For the outfit, I'm wearing a red lace prom styled dress, lace black tights and black wedge boots. To mirror the jester hats, I've put my hair up in two pigtails, the ends will be coloured on Halloween night- one end of the pigtail black, the other red.

This is an effective look that's not going to take hours of blood, sweat and tears, slaving over a makeup brush.

1. Begin with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation ' and apply all over the face. I like to use a big fluffy, foundation brush.

2. . Run the 'Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher' under the eyes and over any blemishes or areas that require a little more coverage. Blend into the skin with a medium sized brush.

3. Grab some sticky tape and place this at the outer corner of your eye. Using a liquid eyeliner, draw a line through the center of the lid following down on the bottom of your eye too. ( I didn't add the product I was using in the photo as this is an animal tested product I'm using up) Create a small circle at the top of the line. Using a flat eye shadow brush, Pack on 'Salazen Grum' in the inner corner of the top of the eye, stopping at the line you created. Then add this to the bottom outer corner of the eye. Once again, use the line you created with the liquid liner as your guide.

4. Repeat the above steps for the opposite parts of your eye with the shade 'Time' from 'Urban Decay Alice through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette'Use the liquid eyeliner to create a small flick using the edge of the tape as a guide. Remove the tape and use the line the eye shadow and tape left to create another flick at the bottom outer edge.

5. Curl the lashes and apply a generous coat of the 'Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara'

6. Contour your cheekbones with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow' and a large, angled, brush.

7. Bring some colour back to the face with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic- Sex on Fire'.Use a large fluffy brush and small amount of product. You don't want the cheeks to be too overbearing or overpower the rest of the makeup.

8. Fill in the brows with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in Cara.'

9. Pencil in the lips with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat- Savage Rose'. 
Don't create the clown lips yet, just focus on filling in your lips.

10. Using a small lip liner brush. Go over the lip liner with the 'Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick- So Marilyn'. Create two points at your cupids bow and draw small triangles at both sides of your mouth. Make sure to extend this slightly and the triangles are curved upwards. Create a third triangle at the bottom center of the lips also. Fill in the rest of the lips with the lipstick. I chose to do this with the bullet, however, you could use the brush for this also.

What are you going as for this Halloween this year?


Louise Hunt said...

I love the lipstick as well as everything else of course! I like to be Katherine from The Vampire Diaries for Halloween by creating the veins under my eyes with eyeliner! Xx


Eloise Alice said...

Thankyou! Omg i always wanted to do Katherine, maybe next year haha. I was so sad when she died on the show; she was kind of awesome xx