10 September, 2016

My mom says I'm pretty


As soon as the first day of September comes rolling in, it's like there's a giant shift from Summer to Autumn. Although the season doesn't technically start until the 22nd of September, regardless, the leaves are starting to wither and their is a slight nip in the air which wasn't there before. 
I'm already in the Autumnal mood, my body and soul yearning for those cold nights and dark mornings. I found myself reaching for my favourite jumper this morning. Not only do I feel extra cozy in a baggy jumper but incredibly sassy too. I think we can all agree the quote on this garment is pretty darn awesome. I've also been able to finally wear these amazing lace up, over the knee boots. The weather has simply been to hot for me to prance around in such an attire. However, now that it's completely appropriate and I'm not going to melt in them under the sun, I doubt I'll be taking these babies off throughout the cold seasons.

You may have also noticed I've joined the bangs crew. I've literally not had a fringe since I was 9 years old, however, I was craving a major change regarding my hairstyle. Basically, I'm all set for Autumn.

I really wanted to shoot somewhere which channeled those Autumnal vibes I'm so overwhelmingly feeling. However, everywhere we turned Autumn had yet to grace us with it's presence. That was until we found the smallest patch of Autumn; it was actually, rather trippy. The whole area was still full of lush green grass and birds singing their summer songs. Except for this very small section of dead leaves dancing and a beautiful blur of red and orange hues covering the damp earth. It was, for lack of a better word; perfect.

Autumn is knocking, it's time to light our lanterns, break out your jumpers and carve those pumpkins. 

O U T F I T :
Zara faux leather shorts

My mom says I'm pretty, so fuck you!


  1. That looks like such a comfy outfit for the autumn!! :)


    1. it really is :) perfect for those cold unforgiving autumnal days x

  2. Lovely photos!
    -Kate // www.classyandkate.com

  3. Love the autumn vibes x

    1. thankyou, i can't wait until the season arrives officially x

  4. Best shirt ever!!! I wish I could pull off bangs... I would just look like I was in kindergarten. Rock them for the both of us. :)


    1. right!? Although i do have to be careful where i'm wearing it to. haha thankyou! They new hairstyle is really new and i'm still not all that sure on the bngs; i've found myself feeling like a 4 year old quite a few times haha but they've grown on me.xx

  5. Cool shirt. You look great in that outfit and I love the photos, you're so pretty.

    Love Change by Trendco