05 October, 2016

The Wonderland Series~Introduction


Countless times have I mentioned the wonderful world of 'Alice in Wonderland'. (See here) In every mention of this story have I included the fact that this is my favourite 'fairytale' (if you can call it that). Despite the reason behind this story, I still love it. The whimsical and creative aspects written in every page is really quite wonderful. The story always reminds me that it's great to have an imagination and the word play is brilliant. The witty moments are one of the main things I love about the book. 
‘Really, now you ask me,’ said Alice, very much confused, ‘I don’t think – ‘

‘Then you shouldn’t talk.’ said the Hatter.

There are some amazing themes in 'Alice in Wonderland' such as acceptance for the unusual or seemingly impossible. Alternatively, there's the ascending theme of individuality and muchness. Oh how I love the creation that is muchness. 
These concepts and messages portrayed throughout this story are ones, which, I strongly believe in and try and bring forth throughout my blog.
In Christmas 2015, I mentioned I had received the story I love so much as a present from my sister. (see post here) It resulted in a strange sort of excitement which developed into this overwhelming desire to express this love. That's when I had the idea to recreate the 'Alice in Wonderland' Character's outfits and blog about it. However, this recreation is aimed to create outfits that are wearable yet still catch elements of  Lewis Carrol's creations. Think of each of the characters in the 'modern fashion world'.

As the new Tim Burton sequel of 'Alice in Wonderland' has just been released on DVD, I thought it was only fitting to share these posts now. My sister and I have worked very hard on this series and it's really been a learning curve for us. Not only have we never done anything like this before, but I really wanted to spend time getting the outfits and photos right. We were on a very low budget- ah the student life. However, we didn't let this stand in our way. I've included a preview photo above to give all my lovely readers a taster of what's to come. 

I also felt it would be fun to create a playlist conveying various songs, either, about 'Alice in Wonderland' or music which holds a certain mood mirroring the story

Keep a look out, as I will be sharing my Wonderland Series every Wednesday for the next two months, under #WonderlandWednesday. You can check out my Instagram to keep completely up to date on this exciting eight month project.

See the full Wonderland Series Here


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Awesome! I also have my playlists on Spotify! Will follow this one too!
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Love the playlist.
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Eloise Alice said...

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