Wonderland Series | White Queen


‘It goes against my vows to harm any living creature.’

Mirana of Marmoreal, also known as The White Queen, is the perfect epitome of grace, compassion and light. However, if you’ve seen the fairly recent Tim Burton movie, ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’. You’d know that even those that seem perfect and pure have a darkness inside them just like the rest of us.

In the modern fashion world, I’d imagine the White Queen to be the humanitarian. Pouring her heart and soul into helping others and trying to do as much good as possible. She doesn’t carry out these actions for praise, however. Recognition is not important, the results of her hard work is a reward in itself. I can also see her being unrecognized almost completely in the workplace. No one quite notices how hard she works, that is, until her darker side presents itself. She tries so hard to be good and perfect that when she isn’t, it’s a shock to the world.

I was incredibly excited to shoot this character. I’m a big lover for ‘airy fairy fashion’ and I knew I’d love channeling the whimsical, absent-minded personality of the White Queen. Wearing this beautiful dress had me feeling like I was floating on air. I felt it captured the essence of Mirana wonderfully; the shape and fabric of the dress creates this graceful innocence and the beading detail at the neckline adds a
more sophisticated and ‘royal’ look.

Hair  &   Makeup

I used the first Tim Burton movie, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, for the makeup and hairstyle. I found I didn’t really need to tone down the characters makeup to make it more wearable. The White Queen’s look is already rather wearable. I love the contrast of the smokey pink eye with the dark lipstick. I’m quite obsessed with this lipstick, it’s even more gorgeous in person and the pink undertone is to die for.

We chose to shoot at this beautiful park, which we felt really channeled the White Queen’s character. The main focus was finding somewhere that held paler colours and worked to compliment the outfit. I had been placing so much emphasis on the location, which ended up being rather ironic, considering we found ourselves shooting at a place that was rather unplanned. It was a lovely serendipity moment.

O U T F I T :

Embellished Pleated Dolly Dress

Faith Louise White Tie Up Heels  (✕) 



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