Wonderland Series | Off with her head!


‘I warn you dear child, if I lose my temper, you lose your head. Understand?’

The Queen of Hearts is the bloodthirsty ruler of Wonderland. Her solution to every problem is to order a beheading before the day ends. She’s an aggressive woman who tries to dominate everything around her and relishes in power and the fear of those around her.

I feel like we have all witnessed someone like this in our lives. Perhaps we were even guilty of being a little like the Red Queen ourselves. Although, I hope no heads were actually chopped off! In the modern fashion world, I’d imagine Ircabeth / the Queen of hearts to be successful in her career but disliked by everyone. Think ‘stereotypical fashion designer’. Constantly walking around with her head held high, treating everyone as though they are dirt on her shoe whilst expecting to be treat the complete opposite. The bully. However, she’s really just incredibly misunderstood. Behind the angry stare and confident posture is an insecure child, overwhelmed by jealousy and dissatisfaction, both in her life and herself.

As this character is the Villain in the story, it was certainly a challenge to capture her evil and cruel personality. I’m quite the opposite to the Red Queen, therefore, it was quite difficult to relate to her on well, any level, if I’m to be completely honest. I often think these posts are a little like acting and the photos are only going to come out as good as the character you are playing. We really tried to play with different angles, lighting and location to achieve photos that came across as bold and arrogant. I really wanted to use her high powered authoritative roll and interpret this in my own way with today’s
modern flare.


We chose to shoot in the gardens of a mansion. It really spoke to us and there were some great areas which screamed ‘Queen of Hearts’. The garden tiers down into some dark, enchanting woods with stoned steps leading down, accompanied by a vast amount of beautiful plants and flowers. The top of the garden is perfectly flat with little hedges sitting at the back. I could vividly imagine the Red Queen playing her games of croquet with live flamingos and hedgehogs as mallets and balls. Unfortunately, we were so focused on the angles and lighting that the location took a back seat a few times.

Hair & Makeup

As these looks are supposed to be wearable yet still portray the characters essence, I chose to do space buns as the hairstyle for the Queen of Hearts. I looked at some of the Elizabethan hairstyles as this seemed to be a main inspiration for both Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton’s character. The famous Elizabethan hairstyle almost looked like two buns joint together and Space Buns are incredibly modern and a rather popular hairdo. I decided to go more traditional with the makeup and kept with the blue eye shadow and red lips. I had considered doing the heart lip look, however, that really defeated the whole point of doing more wearable looks.

To reflect the confident and powerful female role, I chose this amazing dress. The tight fit exudes confidence and the high neck gives off a slightly older feel. The print seemed almost too perfect and the sequins add that extra touch. It’s a little over the top but doesn’t quite step over the line of ‘too much’.  The strappy heels and ruby earrings really helped finish off the look.

I think this was probably the most challenging ‘Alice in Wonderland’ character to portray when it came to personality. However, I really hope we did the character justice and it was incredibly fun to get my creative juices flowing and show the world my own interpretation of such a unique character.


Embellished High Neck Mini Tank Dress
Sam Edelman Ellie Laser Cut Heel (✕)


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