Wonderland Series | Advice from a Caterpillar


‘Who are you?’

Absolem AKA The Blue Caterpillar, is the first character who really makes an effort to guide Alice on her journey. I personally see him as a lackadaisical guru who helps Alice figure out how to control the imaginative world that she’s exploring. However, those in the pop-culture, will probably tell you the Caterpillar is a druggie who’s always smoking a hookah and telling little girls to eat magic mushrooms.

It’s that wise, insightful soul of Absolem which I love so much and see parts of my own self linked to this characters. Although, lets get one thing clear, I do not smoke! In the modern fashion world, I’d Imagine the caterpillar to be an old soul. Although these particular beings often seem very rare, it’s usually their introverted personalities and great depth of living which simply flies over the average persons head. Thus, their potential and wisdom goes unnoticed.

Due to the caterpillar being the character of guidance and holding more logic than the other characters- though, this isn’t saying much considering the absurdities of the story. I wanted an ‘old-fashioned’ vibe to be channeled throughout the photo shoot. I hadn’t used a jumpsuit for the other characters, (in fact, this is the first ever jumpsuit I’ve ever worn!) therefore, I wanted to bring this type of garment into the series. It also felt incredibly appropriate and fitting for this character. Understated with a more traditional feel to reflect Absolem’s character of maturity. The blazer cut fitted into the jumpsuit design further enhances the ‘old-fashioned’ look.

Hair & Makeup

I chose to use a clamp curling iron to curl my hair, focusing on the ends to create a vintage look. For the makeup, I, of course, had to go for a smokey blue eye shadow look. I kept the rest of the makeup neutral so there’s a perfect balance of the caterpillar’s maturity and mystical, wise personality.


For the location, we chose an 1800’s mansion to bring forth those ‘old-fashioned’ vibes. The greenhouse attached on the back, reminded me so much of a place a caterpillar would happily reside in. There was also some lovely, spiral stairs which I felt reflected the movement of the smoke from the caterpillar. It really was all about achieving a balance of fantasy and mysticism with practicality and enlightenment.

‘With the dream of Wonderland of long ago’…

The meeting of the Blue Caterpillar is the last of the ‘Wonderland series‘. Your support has been so overwhelming and it’s incredibly rewarding to have worked so hard on a project and receive the amazing feedback from each and every reader. We can’t thank you all enough and there will be many more fashion fables to come, so keep an eye out dear Wildlings, fairy tale’s will be a fairly regular thing here!


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