16 November, 2016

Wonderland Series~Hatters gonna hat

'What's the matter my dear; don't you care for tea?'

When I think crazy, I think the Mad Hatter. A seemingly insane man, ostensibly a hat maker, who is obsessed with tea time and tea parties. All the while displaying poor manners and a desire to confuse and challenge others with riddles. Most of which he himself can not even solve.

In the modern fashion world, I think the Hatter would fit in quite well. Quirky and utterly insane, this character would bring an immense amount of creativity and originality to the work place. They'd march to the beat of their own drum, confident and comfortable in their own skin and unbothered by everyone around them.

I think the Mad Hatter was probably the easiest character to channel. It was so fun to pull a million different faces in front of the camera and portray such an eccentric personality. Of course I had to wear a hat and felt a fedora was the perfect modern day hat for the job. I chose to wear a blouse with a crazy water colour print and a pussy bow to replicate the trendy feminine version of a tie. In both the Disney Version and Tim Burton movies, The Hatter is dressed in a bow tie, jacket, pants and boots. I simply recreated the outfit, keeping more neutral earthy colours which, paired with the garment cuts, creates a 'folky' inspired look.

H A I R   &   M A K E U P

For the makeup, I wanted to compliment the outfit and still grasp the crazy, eccentric personality. I applied a pink shade to my lids with a dark purple in the crease and an amazingly pigmented orange in the inner corner. I ran a green eyeshadow under my lids to enhance the craziness and tie the look together. This was actually the first time I've ever warn bold colours and it was oddly liberating. I wore a mauve pink on my lips to match the hat. I used the 'Nume Pearl wand' to create voluminous, wild curls.


The Mad Hatter wouldn't be complete without his tea. Therefore, it was a no-brainer that we had to shoot at this beautiful location. What better a place than the Mad Hatter's tea party itself? There are a few life lessons I discovered whilst I was there. One, never go anywhere without a cup of tea. Two, in terms of fashion, a hat is always best. Lastly, if you find yourself lacking in conversation, simply begin by asking everyone why a raven is like a writing desk.

If we at all love the Hatter, it is probably because he allows us to get in touch with the slightly crazy aspects of our personality, and we all know we have those. Here's to the Hatter, then. 

O U T F I T :
 Burgundy Fedora
Asos Watercolour flower printed blouse
Ted Baker Ombre Herringbone blazer
Ted Baker High Waist Wax Jean
Daisy Street Western Style Heeled Boots

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Sophie Stewart said...

Gorgeous pictures and I love your outfit. Sophie x


Lisa S. said...

What a pretty & also very wearable look. Again, I just love how you interpreted the character in just the perfect way. I do think the Mad Hatter would fit quite well into our world. He´d be the odd man in town, always a tea cup in hand & coming up with crazy riddles. I can just imagine it! I also absolutely love your eye makeup. I´m not a big wearer of bold colours either but it looks great & really enhances the character.
xx Lisa | Following Lisa

Eloise Alice said...

thaankyou darling :) xo

Eloise Alice said...

thankyou :) the whole idea of this series is to be wearable so glad you thought that :D haha me too! i like to think there's a bit of a mad hatter in all of us. I know there is quite a distinct one in me! thankyou that was the idea. it was so fun to have a colourful eye look for a change xo

Taylor said...

These photos are the cutest!
Love the Alice and Wonderland vibes!

Julia said...

Wow the location is amazing, where were these photos taken? You captured the quirkiness of the Mad Hatter so well, especially with the makeup look - I love the green eyeshadow! The fashion world would indeed be perfect for a modern Mad Hatter. Someone with a personality that stands out and adds a bit of fun to the business!

Julia x
Last post: My Autumn Makeup Look | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/my-autumn-makeup-look-2016.html

Eloise Alice said...

thankyou sweetie :) xo

Eloise Alice said...

Thankyou! they were actally taken at a bird sanctuary center. I was born and raised in the north so there are a lot of random 'Alice in Wonderland' things dotted around this part of the country and i absolutely love it! haha

Awh thankyou. it was really fun wearing colour makeup and i agree. the world is screaming for more mad hatters


Charlotte said...

Cool outfit. I'm in LOVE with the pictures you made!!

elizabeth said...

Ahhh you have such a talent Eloise, I absolutely love the dreamy feel of your photos and your outfit is en pointe, perfectly quirky and capturing the essence of the Mad Hatter! I adore the little Alice in Wonderland statues and set, such a perfect location :D can't wait to look back over your series and drool over all of the outfits - love your hair here btw! xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

Eloise Alice said...

awh thankyou! I owe it all to my amazing photographer :D

Eloise Alice said...

awh thankyou so much! your comment's made my day haha. awh i'm so glad as the biggest aim is to try and play these characters and do so successfully. awh thankyou, i'm so glad i got my fringe haha. I can't believe the series is almost over! only two characters to go. :) xoxo

Victoria Shklanko said...

Love the maroon hat

Eloise Alice said...

thankyou :) it's a great essential for autumn

Victoria Shklanko said...

Yes Eloise Alice enjoy :P