Wonderland Series | Follow the White Rabbit


‘How long is forever?’ 

‘Sometimes, just one second.’

The White Rabbit is like a decoy – he’s the surprising and interesting thing that Alice follows that leads to all her adventures in Wonderland. Also, the first wonderland character we meet, an intriguing juxtaposition of beast and gentlemen. A great contradiction – an animal, but wearing a waistcoat and a pocket watch.

 The White Rabbit’s main characteristic is anxiety. He’s always worried about being late or about offending someone. In the modern fashion world, I’d imagine the White Rabbit to be the ‘new one’, in the workplace. They don’t really know how everything works, struggle to do all of their tasks on time and probably pop back some pills in secret, to manage their stress and anxiety. Therefore, I really tried to cast an anxious expression, and of course constantly looking at the time.

To portray the rabbit ears, I chose to wear pigtails, looping the hair under the tie to create a simple twist. I went for a very simple, natural look for the makeup. The White Rabbit lacks major punctuality that I’d doubt the character would have time to brush their teeth, nevermind, applying makeup.

The focus of this look was really the outfit more so than anything else. I felt this white dress was perfect for the character. The design holds a lovely, vintage pattern to the lace and creates great movement for when the White Rabbit is constantly running around, frantic. Just like the Tim Burton movies, a blue waistcoat- or in this case a blazer, was inevitable. Much like the dress, the blue jacket has a vintage pattern to the garment, portraying a classic look which captures the ‘gentleman’ vibe. I felt ballet flats seemed kind of rabbity and of course, a pocket watch was an absolute must!

 Seen as though we meet the White Rabbit in the house’s gardens, it only felt fitting to shoot at a similiar location. We wanted to capture the moment before everything takes a 180 degree flip and Alice follows the White Rabbit down the hole to Wonderland. The question is now, would you follow the White Rabbit if given the opportunity? Whatever your answer you best get going, you’re late!


Reign Over Me Lace Dress
AX Paris jacket
Rebel London blue suede ballet flats
Sapphire dominique jewellery
Olivia Burton Watch (✕) 

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