Christmas 2016 Makeup Tutorial: Winter Skies (CF)

Wherever I go recently, the magnificent winter skies have followed me. Shades of blues, pinks and whites blending together effortlessly, painted by the hands of snowflake fairies and casting a magical essence over Northern England. I can’t think of a previous winter that has offered such a beautiful view that is as constant as the skies this year. It has quickly became a main source of inspiration for me. Paired with the similar tones of my outfit this Christmas, though not intentional, a makeup look inspired by the winter skies was perfectly fitting.

I love how the blues, pinks and whites blending together on the eyes, mirrors the colours in the skies dancing together outside. The skin has a winter glow, reflecting the way the sun bounces off of ice crystals on a December morning.

I adore this makeup look and think it casts a beautiful ‘snowflake fairy’ vibe that is wonderfully wearable and not as bold as the usual ‘red lip, gold eye’ Christmas makeup look, one of which I created last year. It has a feminine charm resulting in an ethereal beauty.


1. Start by applying the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (#2) ‘ with a large buffer brush. This foundation is a semi-matte, I have quite dry skin which becomes even drier in the winter, therefore, I apply a layer of moisturizer before the foundation which creates a flawless smooth complexion.

  2.  Run the ‘Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher (2 fair)‘ under the eyes and over any blemishes or areas that require a little more coverage. Blend into the skin with index finger.

3. Contour the cheekbones with the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow‘ and a large, angled, bronzer brush.

4. Apply the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Love is the Drug blusher’ to the cheeks with a large blusher brush.

5. Then go back to the ‘Bronze & Glow’ and add the highlighter to the top of the cheeks with a small angled brush.

6. Lightly fill in the brows with the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in Cara.’


7. With a large fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the colour ‘Royal Flush Urban Decay Alice through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette, all over the lid making sure to add extra at the inner corner of the eye.

8. Next, take ‘Burnout’ from the ‘Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette’ and apply this on the center of the lid with a small shadow brush. Also add this under the lash line.

9. Going back to the Though the looking glass palette pack on the blue shade ‘metamorphosis’ and lightly apply to the outer corner of the lid. Take a clean fluffy eye shadow brush and blend this until you get the desired effect and all the colours are seamless. This blue shade is absolutely beautiful!

10. With a small blending brush, apply ‘Reflection’ to the crease using windshield wiper motions.

11. Next is the black eye liner! Tightline with the Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Bedroom Black liquid eyeliner pencil .

12. Curl the lashes and apply a generous coat of the ‘Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes in Black Vinyl‘. Don’t forget to coat the bottom lashes also.

Finishing Touches

13. Pencil in the lips with the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pink Venus.’ Outline the lips first and then fill in the rest of the mouth with gentle strokes.

14. Finish off the look with the ‘Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Bitch Perfect’. Apply this over the lip liner straight from the bullet for a quick, easy lipstick slick, or for more precision apply using a lip brush.

(All products used have not been Animal tested, however, this makeup look is not Vegan. Urban Decay is owned by a parent company which does test on animals. There are both pros and cons regarding this topic. Also, some of their products contain animal products such as Carmine. I am using any non vegan  items up which I previously purchased before my lifestyle change. See my full post regarding a cruelty free lifestyle here.)

How are you doing your makeup this christmas?