11 December, 2016

Reindeer Makeup Tutorial (CF)


Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to get into the seasonal spirit than dress up as a reindeer and prance around the streets? If you're reading this, thinking I'm utterly nuts then I have two points to make. One, yes, I established my insanity many years ago and have already came to terms with this. You're a little late. Two, why wouldn't you want to dress up as a reindeer? They convey a wonderful balance of strength and grace, like a ballerina, they dance through the forests to a tune only they can hear. Majestic creatures that have a beautiful place during Christmas, though please note; we should admire these darling animals but not force them under slavery such as pulling a slay or bring them into shopping malls for entertainment. That's not OK, under any circumstance and it's beyond unnecessary. Particularly when you can fool all and pose as a reindeer yourself. This makeup tutorial will help you do just that.
F A C E   F I R S T
M Y   D E E R!
1. Begin your magical reindeer look by creating a smooth matte complexion with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (#2) '. Apply with a large buffer brush.
 2.  Run the 'Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher (2 fair)' under the eyes and over any blemishes or areas that require a little more coverage. Blend into the skin with index finger.
3. Set the foundation and retoucher with the 'Charlotte Tilbury  Micro-Powder (1 Fair)'. This will keep your complexion looking fresh and flawless all day.
4. Contour the cheekbones with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow' and a large, angled, bronzer brush. Also apply some to the jawline and neck. Grab a small circular contour brush and apply some bronzer to the outer bridge of the nose and blend into the skin.
5. Then go back to the 'Bronze & Glow' and add the highlighter to the top of the cheeks with a small angled brush. This will give you the perfect Christmas glow. Also add this on your cupids bow for a cute pouty lip.
  6. Lightly fill in the brows with the 'Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in Cara.'

 D O E - E Y E D

7. With the 'Urban Decay Naked Palette' apply 'Naked' all over the lid with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Bring this under the eye also.

8. Next, take 'Buck' ,  which is a darker brown shade than the first one you applied, with a clean large fluffy eye shadow brush apply to the crease. Blend this into the skin with windshield wiper motions.

9. Add 'Virgin', the lightest colour in the palette to the inner eye for some Pixy dust magic.

10. Line the upper lid with the 'Kat Von D Tattoo Liner' staying as close to the lash line as possible. Create a small subtle wing at the outer corner. 

12. Now time for the false lashes! This is the second time I've ever worn falsies and I've yet to struggle putting these babies on. I used the Eyelure Enchanted Dark Forest Lashes which give a voluminous, natural look. Start by measuring the lashes to your own and then snip off any excess. Apply a thin line of the Eylure Lashfix glue to the lash band. Then, wait twenty seconds until the glue goes tacky before applying with a pair of tweezers. Aim for the center of the lid and then pull down on the outer edge and hold. Then repeat to the inner eye. 

13. Add some mascara to blend your own lashes in with the false ones. I used 'Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes in Black Vinyl'. 

E L O I S E   T H E
B R O W N - N O S E D
R E I N D E E R 

14. Using the Tarte Brown Silk Amazonian Clay Eyeliner fill in the nose following the shape of the nostrils and bottom half of the tip of your nose. Blend out with finger.

15. Draw some circles with a white liner on your cheeks, try an do this randomly for a more natural look. You could also do this up your forehead, however, my bangs would just cover this so I didn't bother. Also add the white liner to the bottom waterline on your eyes.

16. Finish off with some lip balm for a natural pout and pop on your gorgeous antlers. I purchased mine from etsy which were hand-made and are seriously stunning.  

Now go and rain some Christmas magic over the world.

(All products used have not been Animal tested, however, this makeup look is not Vegan. Some makeup used here is owned by a parent company which does test on animals. There are both pros and cons regarding this topic. Also, some of their products contain animal products such as Carmine. I am using any non vegan items up which I previously purchased before my lifestyle change. See my full post regarding a cruelty free lifestyle here.)