25 January, 2017

We make our own fairytales

How many of us are guilty of waiting for things to happen? Although I am known amongst those in my personal life, as the hard-working girl that goes after what she wants. I'm definitely guilty for playing the 'waiting game'. Sometimes, I feel as though fairy tales are partly to blame. It's actually surprising how exposed we are to those wonderful, fantastical literature. In fact, I wrote my whole dissertation on how these dated tales are still very much alive, regurgitated and rewritten. Constantly reinforcing these stories full of unrealistic characters and happy endings that are simply unreachable. That's not to say that there are no happy endings in the real world. They just vastly differ from their counterparts.

I find myself witnessing so many girls waiting for their Prince Charming (or princess!) to come swooping in, on a dazzling white horse. That or a knight in shining armour with a head full of thick, wavy hair and sparkling teeth. Then when all the man they are surrounding themselves with are bald and haven't been to the dentist in a while, they are vastly dissapointed.

Dreaming is perfectly fine and I believe it's an important part of life. However, I also believe, one must actually make those dreams come true. They're not just going to happen on their own. Things need to be set into motion. Moreover, those dreams need to have an anchor of realism to them. Otherwise, your head is too far in the clouds and you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.

I feel as though Valentines Day comes with a devastating disappointment to those who are waiting, every year, for their true love to appear, slay a dragon and passionately kiss them. It's apparent when the hopeful girl looks longingly at the cutie sitting at the end of the bar or she's pretending to ignore another in the grocery store. Secretly wishing they will come up and speak to her. Why wait for this to happen when you can take power into your own hands? Approaching your interest first, will not mean that you're not going to get a happy ending. It just means you're taking the initiative. He or she, probably hasn't even noticed you amongst the crowd. Let's stop waiting for things to happen and instead let's go out and make them happen. 

I wanted to create an ideal daytime, date outfit for Valentines day this year. One which will give any girl the confidence to make her dreams happen. Whether this be to muster up the courage to ask a romantic interest out or something entirely different. This outfit balances out the scales of casual and 'dressed up'. The dress is a perfect pink, combined with the light pink fabric illustrates a feminine, romantic look. To tone this down, I paired the dress with some black wedges which are incredibly comfortable and creates a more casual look, taking away some of the 'girlishness'. I also added some tanned tights to achieve an airbrush effect for my legs. I completed the look with a gorgeous pair of pink bow earrings and a bracelet to match, tying everything off with a pink bow clutch bag. If you haven't already noticed, I have a strong love for bows so they add a personal touch to the look. Not to mention I find bows to be the perfect romantic, feminine accessory.

"Stop waiting for Prince Charming. Get up and look for him. The poor idiot is probably lost with too much male pride to ask for directions."

O U T F I T:
Dress: BCB Generation Lace-Back Pleated Dress
Booties: Lace Up Black Wedge Boots
Bag: Ted Baker Bag (✕)
Earrings: Ted Baker Ediee Pink Baby Bow Earrings
Bracelet: Ted Baker Enamel Bow Cuff


Julia said...

You are absolutely right! Sometimes by getting lost in dreams, we actually forget to search for what we want in real life. Taking initiatives just shows how determined you are to make your life go in the direction you want it to. Waiting and missing opportunities often ends up in regret! A few months ago I gathered my courage and flew from England to Madrid to see the guy I liked, not knowing what would happen. It stressed me out but I figured it was the only way to maybe get what I want. Turns out, taking action was the best thing I could have done: we are together now :)
So I 100% agree with this post. Your look is the perfect daytime Valentine's day outfit, this is such a gorgeous dress. The cut is lovely on you. Plus your earrings are stunning, I need them!

Julia x
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Eloise Alice said...

exactly! Wow that is so inspiring. good for you, what a great turn out as well. thanks for sharing the story. how wondeful! <3 awh thankyou, I'm glad someone can share the earring love with me haha. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a lovely day xoxo

Sofi B said...

This outfit is perfect!!! I really like your blog. :) Don't stop posting.


Eloise Alice said...

awh thankyou xoxo

Kinga Kurek said...

I am so happy I've found your blog (followed you on Bloglovin' btw :D )
This post was empowering and kind of inspired me to write my own take on the holiday of the loved ones, if that's ok with you of course :) You look so pretty in this outfit! Can't wait to see more posts from you :)
Kinga x

Eloise Alice said...

awh thankyou so much, that means alot :) Yes of course! It's amazing that we've actually been able to achieve our goal of inspiring someone haha. Your comment's made my day, I'll look out for that post as I'm sure it will be a wonderful read. Hope you are having a wonderful day xoxo

Emma corrie hill said...

this is such a great blog post!!


Eloise Alice said...

Thankyou! xo

No Basis In Reality said...

This look is so romantic! I love it =)


Eloise Alice said...

awh thankyou xo