19 February, 2017

I lost the meaning of fashion blogging


Have you ever done something with little to no thought then later wondered why exactly you did it? Well, that's how I feel with this shoot. I suppose it really falls down to the fact that I was desperate to make as much content as I possibly could without actually delving into it deeper. I'm still at university- though I graduate in the summer!- and Tabitha, my perfect photographer and little sister, lives in my hometown, 200 miles away from where I study. This results in a limited time throughout the year when we can actually create content. Hello two week Christmas/ Easter break. 
Ironically enough we spend months planning so we don't waste valuable time when we're together, yet somehow things change, often quite considerably and then, everything's done abruptly. Let me elaborate on what I mean exactly when I say 'abruptly'. I'm talking about doing seven photoshoots in one day, including three makeup changes, one hour of corkscrew curling then washing my hair half way through the day to re-style it, traveling to four separate locations and of course changing my outfit seven times. Most of which were no where near appropriate for the weather's temperature which was hitting the minuses. Oh and doing this all on three hours of sleep. Yup, it was a very eventful day and one I plan to never repeat. Two of these shoots were unfortunately, unusable.

Whilst this particular shoot was not taken on the aforementioned day, this was the third and final shoot we'd done that day. I'd already walked around in heeled sandals, a romper with my bare legs and then this lovely little dress, all in the freezing cold and no time to warm up between shoots. It was certainly a challenge and I was shivering for hours afterwards. (Learn from my mistakes, be sensible and do not put your health under a meaningless shoot.) I must add that Tabitha is one incredible photographer and what she managed to capture with her new professional camera at fifteen years of age with no lessons and never previously shooting with such a complex device before, is very impressive. (You may have noticed the photography quality has gotten considerably better, this is why.)
However, what I realized looking back on this shoot was the lack of thought that went into it. I've mentioned on numerous occasions how I love to create stories through fashion shoots and this is seriously lacking in that area. It's why it's taken me two months to post this. For a long time, I felt like there was no story to tell because the photos are just a sentence and for every shoot I desire a chapter or a full three-hundred paged book. Despite this, the sentence this shoot does tell, has in fact, turned out to be an important one because it's came with it's own little lesson. A significant message. One that I can take forth and use it to develop my blogging skills, Tabitha's photography and in general life too. That is to do it with meaning
I've gotten too caught up in the over saturated world of blogging. Everyone else is posting five-six times a week and I'm lucky if I can get one post up a week. I kept thinking how 'behind' I was when we were shooting and it came with it's own consequences. I became lost in that moment and fell into the trap of meaningless blogging just because 'it'll keep my blog current'. Well, that's not going to happen again. No longer, will I allow myself to feel as though I'm falling behind, compete or loose myself and the creativity which is the sole foundation of who I am. 
One day we will go back to this beautiful location, featuring one of my favourite cottages ever and create a story that holds meaning. A story worth telling and I will be ahead of who I was yesterday.

O U T F I T:
Dress: Glamorous Glitter Skater Dress With Flocked Detail
Bag: Vintage sequin clutch bag
Shoes: Ravel Heeled Ankle Boots.
Necklace: E Initial Necklace


Lisa S. said...

Okay, you, your sister, my sister and I have to get together like now. Your sister has to teach mine about photography & how to use focus, etc. and you have to teach me how to pose. I´d so love to do more fashion related posts (especially because I always feel so inspired after seeing yours) but the photography just never really works out. So teach me all your secrets, please!
xx Lisa | Following Lisa

Eloise Alice said...

haha awh bless you. Awh thankyou so much that's amazing of you to say! I think it helps that my sister aspires to be a photographer so she has alot of passion and we've just figured thins out through practice and experience :) perhaps we'll make a post about all our 'secrets' haha xxx

shopperdivaS said...

You look lovely! I know what you mean about just not feeling it some days. I take my own pictures, but I recently had a shoot I scrapped because I just wasn't into it.

Eloise Alice said...

Yeah i think every blogger probably feels like that. Thankyou sweetie xx

Amy said...

I totally get what you mean about trying to keep up a schedule! I've been trying to keep a consistent schedule while not loosing the quality of my post, and it's really hard!
Your sister is an amazing photographer! All of the photos are wonderful ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Eloise Alice said...

Agreed! That's why now I'm just focusing on quality over quantity as I feel its far more important than having posts we are proud of and that are meaningful over useless dribble just because its something to post that day.
Awh thankyou so much! She's very talented, i'm very lucky xx