The perfect dress for a Valentines date

Your bedroom’s a tip. Wardrobe doors swung open wide, clothes littering the floor to the point that no one can leave or enter and there’s a weird smell coming from the garments you purchased five years ago and forgot you had. It must be that dreaded new-date stress, where you literally can’t find a damned thing to wear this Valentines Day. That’s OK. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and sit down because my dear Wildling, I’ve got you covered.

 If your plans this Valentine’s day is to go on a romantic date then you’re probably searching for a dress that exudes that valentines romance. I think this dress does exactly that. A sweetheart neck line which, really, is the most suited cut for this particular day. A beautiful light pink tone to ooze the hopeless romantic, secretly hidden with in you. And a beautiful cut that brings you in at the waist and kicks out at the hips for a universally flattering look. Now, I know not everyone’s into short dresses but the frills and layers swing perfectly at this length. Moreover, they are just so beautiful and airy; it’s like wearing a cloud made from that sweet kind of love. The skirt, also, strongly reminds me of candyfloss- which is difficult to find during winter so we had to improvise. Hence, the love heart shaped lollypop.

 If you live in the northern hemisphere like myself here, then valentines day is during winter. For this reason, the shoes I am wearing, though I think go perfectly with this dress, may not be appropriate. We shot this outfit when it was literally one degrees Celsius and to say I was cold, would be an understatement. If I knew it was going to be a cold winter day and I’d be outside for a fair amount of time, I’d, instead, pair this look with a white coat and heeled ankle boots to match.



Dress: Ariana Grande for Lipsy rara mini prom dress

Heels: Faith Louise White Tie Up Heels  (✕)

Earrings: Bow Earrings

Necklace: Diamond Bow Necklace

Bracelet: Pandora Essence Charm Bracelet

I didn’t add a bag to this look but I think a pink clutch would work wonderfully. If it had a bow on then even ever better, as it’d match the bow earrings an necklace I’m wearing. If you are a regular reader, then you’ll be aware that I have a never-ending adoration for all things bows so this adds a more personal touch to the look. However, they also add a bit of girlishness which I think captures the feminine, romantic mood of Valentines day.

 To really go all out, curl your hair with a chopstick wand to get tight ringlets and gently loosen after the curls are completed and cooled. Then, throw into a high ponytail for an angelic look that will give you an enchanted vibe and show off your pretty earrings, of course. Go for a pretty, pink makeup look, and you’ll be exuding a charming romance, fit for Valentines day.

What’s important to remember, whether this be a special Valentines date or simply one that falls on any other day of the year, is to dress for yourself and not for a girl or guy that you’re crushing on. Feeling confident is so important and it’s unlikely you’ll feel that way if you’re dressing for someone else. Your own approval should always be placed over someone else. Moreover, if they are the right person, they’ll be happy with who you are.

On a deeper note, you don’t even need to have a special date or any other event, to wear an outfit like this. Although this was for a photo shoot, I loved parading around the park in this outfit at 9am on a very cold Thursday. Why should I care if it’s unconventional? I honestly had the time of my life, though I do go a little crazy when I’ve had less than three hours of sleep. Tabitha kept on telling me off for dancing around, singing Lollipop by the Chordettes and ruining photos by salivating all over the lollypop prop. But it was just because I felt, completely and utterly, myself.

 When you feel comfortable and wear things that reflect who you are, and not someone else -in this case society. Then nothing else should matter. If you shy away from this, out of fear of what other people will think, then you’re only denying yourself of who you really are. Happiness can
not be found in this. Besides, if you feel comfortable being who you are, regardless if it’s seen as unorthodox, people will probably admire it anyway. We always get an audience now, when we do photo shoots and it’s very rare we don’t get smiles or compliments. Yes, I looked crazy, prancing around in an elegant pink dress and heels, swinging around a lollipop and singing when the weather was so unforgiving. However, I was happy doing it and those around me could see that too. So the unusual situation wasn’t even recognized. If you want to get dressed up this Valentines but have no where to go- or any other day for that matter!- then do it anyway. If it’ll make you feel more like yourself or happier in any other way then who cares if it’s uncommon?

The number one rule of fashion is to always wear what you want.

“Don’t wander away from yourself to get close to someone else.”