Why a relaxing valentines day is just as special


I sometimes find it rather sad when I see so many people caught in the extravagance of things. It seems as though our self worth is often tied with how luxurious a date is or how expensive a present is. When did things get so shallow and superficial? I partly blame mass consumerism and the fast paced lives we are sucked into from the likes of social media. Competition is bigger than ever. It’s all about whose partner gives you the most roses or which fancy restaurant they are taking you to, demonstrating how much they love you. Blah, blah, blah. What happened to the actual romance? So many of us are caught up in how things look to the rest of the world, to their followers and friends that the actual meaning is lost entirely.

Spending time with your love, doesn’t need to be ostentatious. I’ve always took pleasure in the little things, which, I believe to be the reason why I’m such a generally happy, optimistic person. Saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to involve money. I’ve never been in a relationship so maybe I’m not the best person to share my thoughts on this. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love anyone. I know the best times spent with the people I love cost close to nothing. It should be about spending time together, not spending money together.

“Love doesn’t cost a thing”

  Call me old-fashioned but a love letter or carefully thought-out handwritten note is much more appealing than a diamond necklace. I’d rather have a home-cooked meal than go to an extravagant restaurant. They’re usually overcrowded anyway and you can’t really fall into a meaningful deepness together that you could reach in private. In my opinion, thoughtfulness outweighs ostentatious presents or prestigious acts of love. A thoughtful, handmade present is much more significant and holds a deeper sense of meaning over an expensive gift bought out of a store. It’ll be treasured. Priceless to it’s owner.

I know I’m not the controversial girl one would depict me as and I’m always misjudged by what I wear and act. Never has it not come as a surprise, when people discover I’m an utter nerd that enjoys watching and illustrating manga or gets excited over comic books and video games. I know many, in my personal life, who would despise the idea of having an Xbox date but to me that simplicity is incredibly appealing. I’d take that or a tranquil walk in the park over a fancy dinner date any day.

My point is that it shouldn’t be what you are doing that is important but who you are spending that time with. We all have our preferences but if a walk in the park wasn’t my partners thing then I really wouldn’t mind at all. If they wanted to go for a fancy dinner then so be it because I’d be spending time with someone I love and nothing else matters. Just as long as that dinner date was done under the right reasons and not as some ostentatious act.


Blouse: Piped Pyjama blouse with heart cuff

Shorts: Alice McCall Bowie Shorts

I thought this outfit was the perfect romantic look for a relaxed day this Valentines. I purchased these shorts a few months ago and they’re honestly my favourite pair I’ve ever purchased. High-waisted with a belt to bring you in at the waist, they work perfectly for my hourglass figure. I tucked in this lovely pyjama blouse ,which is all the range at the moment and offers a great balance between casual and preppy. The heart detailing on the sleeve really adds a little something and of course, ties in nicely with the valentines theme. I also added some red knitted slipper socks because they are one of my favourite things in life and they add a comforting warmth, perfect for a toned-down valentines day.

Whatever your celebrations this year, try and not lose yourself in the
commercial, consumer side of things. Time over money. Simplicity over
Superficiality. Thoughtfulness over extravagance.