How to be the best dressed guest with Boohoo

Spring is here and whilst I’m sad to see the blossom falling off the trees, watching my favourite season pass by so quickly, that also means that summer is around the corner and it comes with a promise of better weather and good times. One of which is the opportunity of yours truly going to her first boat party in a few weeks. Whilst my friend and I excitedly messaged each other about the event, I mentioned that I really need to do some store browsing and see if I can find a killer outfit to wear. She laughed and stated that I had loads of amazing dresses sitting in my wardrobe. I had to agree because she was in fact completely right. I already have plenty of potential suitors for the boat party, looking lovely as ever on their respected hangers.

It didn’t take long to realize how I have a bad habit of categorizing my clothes. “This is for day wear and university.” “This romper can only be worn on a night out!” “I can’t wear that skirt, it’s only for birthdays.” The problem is that it promotes me to buy more when it’s unnecessary and also limits any creativity that could flourish with creating outfits. When Boohoo contacted me on their latest occasion wear campaign, it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed, giving me the best opportunity to show all my Wildlings how versatile one item of clothing can be.

Wedding season is amongst us which means beautiful, elegant outfits for that special event. As darling as it looks, the stress that comes with weddings is overwhelming to say the least. Even as a guest trying to find the best dress and perfect pair of shoes is difficult enough, I dread to think how the bride must be feeling. Thankfully Boohoo have a great variety of outfits appropriate for those attending such an event.

Like a box of Lego, weddings can come in all sorts of shapes and size. From beach to red carpet, you really need to think about the theme and location to get the best out of your look. I chose a garden party wedding as my context for this post.  No surprise there, I know, after all, you only have to flick through my latest looks or scroll down my Instagram feed to see how much I adore being amongst nature and channeling those whimsical, fairy tale vibes.

Two people celebrating their love for one another in front everyone else they care dearly in their lives is a truly magical moment and I think it’s important to reflect that in to an outfit. It’s about finding that perfect balance between alluringly romantic and respectably chic. Doing so in a discrete manner so as to not overthrow the bride or groom, after all, it’s their day.

Here’s how to be the best dressed guest for a wedding in just three easy steps and how you can keep the look for other event’s also.

Start with a foundation

Since wearing my first maxi dress last month, I’ve became a tad obsessed over the cut. I’ve always been a petite girl, therefore, I always assumed that a long skirt would make me look even shorter and throw my proportions out. Not to mention I’d probably struggle to walk in it from constantly tripping over the fabric. Needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how wrong I’ve been all these years. I’ve learnt through experience when it comes to maxi dresses, it’s best to find a cut that offers a little hint of something and draws attention to your favourite body part. Traditionally a maxi dress covers the legs and gives a long, straight edged figure. Look for one that has a split in the skirt to show off your incredible legs or has a cut out back to break up the design. This dress offers a great example of a flattering shape, the low cut at the front brings back my curvy hourglass figure only more emphasized with the cinched-in waist. It’s elegant and understated so as not to show up the bride and the mint colour keeps the look feminine and garden party appropriate. Although I didn’t chose this dress based on it’s title, I do like it just a little more considering we share the same name. On a more important factor, the simplicity of the look gives room to focus on the accessories and styling.

Dress it up

To keep the dress from looking too casual, compliment the garment with a classic pair of heels. Once again, you want to keep it understated so something similar to the shoes I’m wearing will ensure this. They aren’t embellished or have crazy things sticking out here and there. The white goes well with the mint shade of the dress and fits in with the seasons light, airy colours. The ankle bands offer sturdy support so you won’t feel like you’re sinking into the grass throughout the day. In addition the PU leather will allow easy cleaning in case it’s a little too muddy so there’s no need to worry about ruining these beauts.


I adore wearing hair accessories, flower crowns, hats… if it goes on my head the chances of me loving it are relatively high. I think this head crown does an incredible job of tying the look together and adding a touch of class and graceful charm to the dress. It really keeps in with the theme of the garden party wedding and the heels keep the look from entering ‘fairy wonderland’. Although that’s a pretty alluring mood, it’s not really appropriate for the average garden wedding. However, if the event changed to just a simple garden party, thrown on some ballerina flats, draw in a few freckles- if you don’t already have them- grab a dreamy beaded clutch and bask in the fairy wonderland look!

For something a little more causal, thrown on some ankle boots, a strappy bag and pop on a slick pair of sunglasses or maybe a straw hat. Or, if you happen to be attending a boat party too, match me with a diamond, simple necklace (because I’m all about the dainty jewellery) and some boating shoes for sensibility.

Styling an outfit can completely change the whole look and before you know it, you can have a new outfit! It’s time I start looking at my clothes with a new perspective and get more creative with styling and channeling certain moods. I encourage everyone to do the same.

What would your wedding guest outfit be and how would you wear it again in a different setting?


Dress: Eloise wrap front chiffon maxi in mint *

Crown: Neve Boutique leaf head crown *

Shoes: Lucy double ankle band two part heels *

Necklace: Diamond heart necklace
Earrings: Diamond square studs