10 tips for the party girl

Parties, whilst undoubtedly fun, can come with a chain of stress. If it’s trying to throw a look together in less than five minutes, because you got home from work late or the venue deciding to cancel half an hour before the event; a party can go up in smoke before you can blink. Fortunately, I have formed my top ten tips to ensure that your party goes smoothly from start to finish. Hostess or not, there is a long list of things that can go wrong and it’s in everyone’s best interest that you ensure you have avoided all major problems.


 Check your RSVP list prior to the event! The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and find that there is nobody there! Okay, that’s a little harsh and is definitely the worst case scenario but it is still in your best interest to check who is coming prior to the event. Moreover, it is always useful to check if anyone is coming with a plus one. Paperless Post offers a service that avoids these mishaps. After creating your beautiful invitation with their diverse and wide range of templates, you and your invitee’s have access to a wall where they can ask you any questions- including if it’s ok to bring your ex as their date…. hmm, I think we’ll pass on that one.


Ensure everyone knows the dress code. 

 Even if you aren’t having a costume party, it’s still vital to let your guests know what the dress code is. The last thing anyone wants is a guest turning up in a pink tutu and illuminious leg-warmers when it’s a black tie event but they didn’t memo. Save yourself and your guests the embarrassment and include a dress code.


Plan outfit in advance.

Whether it’s your friends party or you are the hostess, you want to feel and look fabulous. You know the dress code- and if you don’t, get on it!- now it’s time to go shopping or plan your outfit. We’ve all been there; your room’s a tip, there’s a pile of clothes the size of Mount Everest and somehow your wardrobe door has fallen off in your crazy fit of desperation. The ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment is every girls nightmare, so avoid yourself the pain and put your look together at least two weeks before the event.


Get some Wings!

Without a doubt, my favourite makeup look includes a slick cat eye, fluttery lashes and some added definition. Find the makeup look you love and master it. Look at your outfit and gain some inspiration; a feminine pink dress? Go romantic with blush tones and magenta hues. Rocking a tailored suit? Make a statement with a strong dark lip and lush lashes. You want to find a way to complete your outfit and facial features, all the while still reflecting the beautiful soul you are.


Love your locks.

 Further enhance that beautiful makeup and wonderful outfit choice by styling your hair. Remember to generously use heat protective products where necessary and if in doubt, straighten it out!


Make a statement!

 Complete your look with some killer accessories. Add a delicate diamond necklace for a sophisticated, elegant look or a studded purse for some edge!


A subtle touch of fragrance.

Spritz your favourite perfume and fill the room with you divine scent.


Organise your travel.

I couldn’t think of anything more stressful than spending hours dressing up and going into an abundant amount of effort only to realise you have no way of getting to the event! At the very least, know how you are getting there before the day arrives and if things go wrong and your limo can’t make an appearance, have the taxi company on speed dial.


Remember to touch up.

Don’t forget to throw some lipstick or concealer into your bag before leaving for the event. Your makeup is flawless, so let’s keep it that way. Don’t underestimate the sheer humidity of any environment you are in. My last party I attended, I came home to find my mascara had run and quite excessively, might I add. It’s better to be safe than sorry so bring some makeup to touch up in the girl’s bathroom.



 This is your time so remember to live in the moment! Even if you have a demanding job and five children waiting at home, take this time to enjoy yourself and leave your stresses and worries behind you. We all deserve a little fun in our lives.

* In Collaboration with Paperless Post