I left my soul in London

 I apologise for being MIA these past few weeks, things have been a little crazy and me and Tabitha have been super busy, what with myself finishing University and her leaving school. Furthermore, we then took a trip to London for my birthday which threw us out for another week. No exaggeration, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had and the trip was incredible. Despite our demanding schedule, we managed to get one shoot done in the streets of London- something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Let’s face it, those beautiful white buildings are every bloggers dream.

The shoot was quite a challenge. Leaving our bags in the middle of the street whilst we shot and having to look relaxed and also look out for any thief’s was an obstacle. However, I like to think we pulled it off regardless feeling so tense and on edge during the whole shoot.


Dress:  Needle & Thread Prairie Embroidery Bib Dress

Boots: By Blanche Daydream boots in black

Bag: Flamingo Gunas Bag in Raspberry

 As promised, my beautiful vegan bag made another appearance because let’s face it, it’s too pretty not to blog just the once and it goes incredibly well with this amazing pinafore dress from Needle and Thread- as forewarned, the brand has made another appearance. (Oops and my beautiful vegan boots too!) I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments I got when I wore this around London and it’s really no surprise- let’s face it, the detail is exquisite! I was so relieved when I actually found something to wear underneath the dress- finding that I had to go with something cropped to compliment my figure but also simple so as to not looking too busy with the intricate embroidery. A lace bralette totally did the trick.

A Lesson from London

One of the greatest lessons about visiting London was to not take on others judgements and instead form an opinion of your own. Being a Northerner, Southerners and in particularly Londoners are generally not usually liked in my area of England. I was continuously informed that Londoners are rude and sour, amongst many other negative traits. I was also told that I wouldn’t be able to handle London- thankfully I never listened to this comment; knowing my strong, independent self very well. I only wish I hadn’t believed the judgemental opinions of others as well. Although I had passed through London twice before, I hadn’t actually spent a day there and those negative opinions couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s made me realise the importance of not making uncanny judgements and understanding that there is good and bad where ever you may go.

 To my upmost surprise, I completely fell in love with London. Though I did travel there with this unfair opinion, I did try and keep an open mind. Tabitha and I left there with a heavy heart and a strong yearning to live there soon. To my greatest fortune, I am actually travelling back down to this city as I post this, being lucky enough to be offered a placement. Therefore, my Instagram will no doubt, be full of bustling street photos, yummy food and pretty white buildings. All the while, tending to my soul that was left yearning for the city life once more.