My Yoins Wishlist

Who else is guilty of adding a million items to their wish list and staring at it for hours on end? No, Just me? Awkward.

I’ve always adored Korean fashion but recently, my desire to shop on Chinese websites has hit an all time high. I recently purchased the most incredible suspender skirt from Yoins and I absolutely adore it. I seem to suffer from constantly having a specific item of clothing or outfit in my head that I desperately want and struggle to actually find such clothing to exist in stores. Thankfully, I’ve learnt that the fashion I desire is available, I’ve just been looking in the wrong places!

You can imagine my excitement when a few weeks after my Yoins purchase (or two, or three…oops), the brand got in contact with me for a small collaboration asking me to share my ridiculously long list of clothes I love on their site. In a pure honesty, this wish list is so lengthy, it’s rather embarrassing and totally inappropriate to share over one-hundred items to my dear Wildlings. Therefore, I’ve chosen to share my top current favourites currently on Yoins.


Two Piece Outfit Sets 

I am such a sucker for two pieces. There’s something so charming about wearing a completely co-ordinated top and bottom and it’s a perfect styling option all year round and for almost any occasion. Particularly in those panicked ‘last minute’ outfit moments.

I think this light blue top and split skirt two piece,(Left) is an incredible ethereal outfit that offers little to no effort yet with the benefits of looking like you actually put time and effort into your look. I absolutely adore this Lace-up flouncy floral co-od. (Right) The print offers a wonderful feminine look further enhanced with the gathered hems. I think it’s the perfect summer outfit for those particularly hot days when you still want to look super cute but don’t want to melt in the process.

Affordable Women’s Stylish Tops

I am always on the look out for lace bralettes as they are a great staple to have in ones wardrobe; layer underneath other clothes for a sexy sultry look or pair with high waisted pants for a flirty yet sophisticated twist. This lacey bra is a great example.

What I have found I love about Yoins is the versatile products they offer, for instance this self tie crop top is a great original design that will guarantee the wearer stands out from the crowd. Moreover, the self tie design gives different options on how to actually wear the top. For this reason, you are actually getting three or four tops for the price of one- and it won’t cram up your wardrobe space!

To say I’m lusting after this cape coat, would be a serious understatement. We have some serious chic vibes going on and at a very affordable price, it’s almost a crime!

Mini Dresses


Where would we be if I didn’t include at least one mini dress? Admittedly, this baby blue collared dress, is very similar to the Ted Baker dress I have sitting in my wardrobe. The irony is it’s a quarter of the price and comparable in regards to quality.

I’m certain I won’t be able to get over the back design on this v-neck backless lace dress. I recently tried on a very fitted dress and came to the realisation that it fits my body shape perfectly. Moreover, boosts my self-confidence just that little bit more. Yoins have an amazing array of bodycon dresses and I predict half of them will be sitting in my wardrobe.

What speaks Eloise more than a white lace dress? This last design really should come as no surprise if you are a regular reader on The Whimsical Wildling. I know for a fact this strappy lace dress would get a lot of wear and offers the perfect balance so I can dress up or dress down the garment as I do so please.


What’s on your wishlist?

*this post is in collaboration with Yoins