Blog Relaunch and Going Cruelty Free!

One of the biggest shocks I’ve had during my lifetime is discovering the actual extent of animal cruelty humans are held accounted for. I always assumed that because cosmetics testing was announced illegal in the EU, that anything I bought did not contribute to this. Oh, how completely uneducated I was on this matter. (I’ve also realized the true extent of this- even more so in the past few months- but that’s for another time.)


How incredibly blind and naive I am to ever think that most of us do not take part in harming other sentient beings. I’ve certainly been blind for the first 19 years of my life, however, that is no longer the case.


During my childhood, I always preferred the Disney movies that where about animals. Little girls always talk about which Disney princess they want to be. Nope. I was the odd child that wanted to be a Dalmatian. Literally, 101 Dalmatians was hands down my favourite movie throughout my early years. I despised Cruella De Vil with a passion; she was the villain that I loved to hate. I remember finding it difficult to understand why anyone would want- or could- murder another living being simply to wear their skin. I was so completely and utterly against it and yet I had been purchasing and wearing Cow skin throughout many years of my life.


How can someone with a fashion diploma, strongly against murdering creatures for their fur, not realize that she was going against her very morals with complete and utter ignorance? The fact of the matter is that because I was so against it, I thought everyone else would be too. It’s only been the last few months that I’ve had an awakening. There are plenty of people that take part in this. I was one of them…


During my vegan journey, I ended up looking through my wardrobe and found some incredibly horrible news. That half of my shoes were made from the skin of a cow. That Ted Baker bag I loved so much, which I received last year for my 19th birthday? Yeh, that’s cow skin too. It’s so ridiculous though, the name of the bag had the word leather in it!


I then fell upon the Chinese laws and animal testing. I was pretty mortified and have been using up any animal tested products that I have unfortunately purchased. You may have noticed that a fair few of my blog posts have been deleted. I simply do not want to be promoting and suggesting these products to others. Therefore, this blog is officially being relaunched today. I have decided to keep the leather I have in my wardrobe as I have come to the conclusion that this is the best thing to do. (Full post on this coming soon.) Therefore, I may have a few posts in the future which contain items from my prevegan days. This is no way to continue to support the industry but to honor the death of an animal. If anything I post contain leather, they will be marked with an ‘✕’.


I would love to know your opinions on this matter. I also encourage anyone who hasn’t done so, to look into animal testing as well as the leather and fur industry so you are aware of this issue. See sources below to start your journey of awareness and discover the truth behind animal testing, leather & fur.


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