Rebirth: 5 ways to Reinvent yourself

Spring; the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.

Lately I’ve not been feeling quite myself. You see, I’ve been falling apart, pieces of me breaking away and crumbling into dust. I’ve watched the wind swoop in, blowing away the fragments of who I once was. As the air clears the past, I realize that I’ve been brutally remaking myself. Collapsing, awaiting to be reborn like a wild flower; blooming under the pink moon.

Life experiences can change us drastically, suddenly we look behind us and realize that we cant be that person for any longer. Why should we? As the ever-evolving humans we are, we have the ability to grow to a new space where certain people, locations and things are no longer in alignment for who we are now. If we denied these shifts- out of fear of the unknown and the transformation waiting on the other side- we would only be settling for less than we are capable of creating.

When your soul is screaming out at you, telling you it needs to be reborn, you owe it yourself to listen. Change can be frightening but staying the same person your whole life is just as scary. Transformation is a long journey but the reward of reinventing ones’ self is extraordinary. Here’s 5 ways to renew the soul and launch yourself into the new you.

Envision Your Future

One of the best ways to kick start your new transformation is to reflect on your life. How you’ve gotten to where you are today and where you desire to go.

Find somewhere quiet, close your eyes and think of all the things you need to let go. Decide on what you need to leave behind; the people, places, or situations. Now, picture the future you want. Perhaps it’s a new job, group of people or simply a feeling.

Imagine how you will feel in this new future, picture the blazing sun shining down on you and your new future. Its’ beam rays lighting up the path. This is the moment to look back on your past and to appreciate everything that’s happened. Whether or not it’s full of shadows or utter darkness, it’s gotten you to this very moment; the start of your transformation. With passion and gratitude, imagine yourself walking away from the past and into your new life.

Remember, you are the only one standing in the way of your own future. You have the power to make it happen and create your own destiny.

Improve the way you think

 Reinvention starts at the mind. I like to think of a new mind like an untouched forest. As we plough through life, cultivating experiences, our thoughts carve footsteps, creating little pathways in this forest. They can indent the innocent soil and sink so deep into our soul, that, these thoughts become a complete part of us; second nature.

Some of these footsteps can be life lessons and shape us into wonderful human beings. However, they can also take the form of a dark, dingy footprint. A footprint which is a complete negative. Before we are even completely aware on what is happening, these negatives grow and multiply. The forest is imprinted with too many dark indentations and footprints. Suddenly, we find ourselves living a pessimistic life. We wake up in the morning with an instant negativity towards the day, some form of a “no” dominating every other possible thought. We fear the unknown, we’re not ready to face the future even if it’s just the day ahead of us. Somehow, we’ve managed to create a forest where the trees are dying and the earth is under destruction.

I’m often asked why I’m always happy and my answer is always the same. Optimism and a ‘yes’ attitude. Why would we want to go through life constantly complaining, looking at everything in a negative light and just generally fearing life itself?

The switch to a more positive mind set can be incredibly difficult. Particularly if you’ve been destroying your own forest for years. However, changing the way we see our lives and everything around us is one of the greatest ways to better the soul and transform into something beautiful.

One of the simpler ways of improving the way you think is to conjure up a few sentences as soon as you wake up.  

Yes! It’s the morning. A brand new day ahead of me full of possibilities. I’m alive. I’m comfortable. The beautiful rock we call Earth is spinning, and I’m so
lucky to be gifted with this life.

 Even if it’s just one little word: yes. Say it in your head, smile, repeat. Then get up and start your day.

Associating yourself with the right people also results in a wonderful new mind. Positivity is contagious, it radiates off us and influences those around us. When we become incredibly pessimistic and negative we infect everything that walks across our path. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good and make you want to strive to be a better person. Don’t be the Debbie Downer, radiate positivity because when you give the universe good vibes, the world is sure to return that energy back, tenfold.

With a little practice and a bucket load of persistence and determination, you can change the
way you think. You can flatten out the footprints and create new pathways inside your mind – ones that
will work to both your own advantage and everyone else’s. Positivity cultivates more positivity.

If you do nothing else, promise me one thing: that tomorrow, you’ll wake up thinking “yes.”


Take care of your body

Focusing on my physical health was my first step towards a new me. I was unhappy with the way I felt and I didn’t like who I saw staring back at me in the mirror.

When you treat your body any less than it deserves, you best believe it will tell you exactly what you are doing. It really doesn’t take much to look after yourself, in fact your instincts will guide you through it. Your body is your best doctor. When you crave certain foods, restrict calories or aren’t getting enough exercise, your body will tell you.

Working out shouldn’t be a chore, if you’ve tried to do so in the past and failed then there’s a chance you were doing the wrong kind of exercise. It should be an enjoyable experience where, not only your physical health improves, your mental health also. Working out teaches you to push yourself to your limit, only then for you to discover there’s another level. You gain confidence and generally learn a lot about your self. Exercise is one of the most underrated antidepressants, working out causes endorphin’s which results in a beautiful, euphoric feeling. Suddenly the day becomes better and that ‘yes’ attitude we previously spoke about becomes second nature.

If you’re like me and intimidated by the gym (or have no money), don’t worry; it’s not the only place to get fit. With the correct mindset and motivation, working out at home can be beneficial and save you the

I personally do Blogilates; a form of Pilates at a high intensity. I’ve been eating healthy, treating my body right and working out almost daily for over a year now. In the past six months I’ve lost around thirty pounds, my confidence and self love has grown immensely and without that first step I wouldn’t have transformed into the person I am right now.

Find the form of exercise which make’s you feel better and relieves stress. Eat nutritious and healthy food and your body will seriously thank you for it!

C H A N G E   Y O U R   S T Y L E.

Fashion is one of the greatest way to achieve a satisfying level of self expression.  What you put on that beautiful body of yours can reveal to the world who you are. Changing your style can be a very important factor to accompany who you are and stay in tune with your soul. I know that now most of my clothes no longer fit me and I’ve changed to quite a considerable degree, my wardrobe is suddenly no longer reflecting who I am and who I want to be.

Reinventing your style is a perfect way to transform yourself. Start by thinking of all the outfits you put together from the items in your wardrobe. Which one makes you feel your best self? If you can answer that, then there’s your style. You can now base your future fashion choice on that one outfit. If you struggled to answer the question then research into different styles. Find an outfit online or in a magazine which really speaks out to you. You can then look further into that style and gather inspiration which can guide you to the wardrobe of your dreams.

No one can see your soul, so why not show it through your clothes?

D O   S O M E T H I N G   N E W.

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be extremely frightening. But it can also be equally rewarding.

Always wanted to pick up guitar, swim with sharks or you’ve simply wanted to talk to that cute guy in your class? Then go out and do it! Find a way to make it happen because life’s too short and you owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest.

Learning a new skill and creating life experiences is how we develop and grow. You can strip away everything else but the things we experience and learn can’t simply be taken from us.

When we eliminate our fears nothing is standing in our way.

Every day is a chance to reinvent yourself and become some one new. This beautiful world we live is constantly moving, always changing. Should we not also do the same? Every day, life can be wonderful, fascinating and creative. Go your own way, have the willingness to go beyond what is familiar and safe, reinvent yourself, risk everything to fulfill your dreams and live life to the full.


It’s never to late to reinvent yourself.