The last time I was prancing around in a two piece, I was about seven years old. It was a pink barbie set that I strictly named my ‘party outfit’. What can I say? I was very much a wild party girl. I can actually recall being very disappointed when I grew out of the outfit. However, I was also quite proud that I’d grown at all- forever on the small side. After the Barbie set was sadly waved a ‘goodbye’, two pieces were forgotten. That is until this month, thirteen years later.

 Ironically, I feel this two piece has some 2000’s pop-group vibes going on. Literally the same time era as when I had my Barbie outfit. I actually really like channeling those vibes; it’s fun to wear something a little different.

I can recall really wanting to try out a two piece around two years ago. However, I was still in this grey place filled with body insecurities, confidence issues and battles with being very overweight. I was by no means prepared to try on a cute little outfit. Every two piece I liked revealed a lot of skin and I was simply not comfortable in my own body.

Everything’s changed so much now. 

As soon as my eyes fell upon this gorgeous two piece, I ordered it immediately. It never even occurred to me how I was so adamant not to even take a second glance at these kind of designs a year or so ago. In fact, it never even crossed my mind that I’d hit my confidence goal until after the package arrived. Not once did I think about how much my mind set had changed as I pulled out the two garments. No, not once. That was, until I tried the two piece on, stood in front of the mirror and that negative, little voice I’d had whispering to me for years was silent. There was a new voice now, one that said, “Look! You’re so comfortable in your skin and you should be. You look great and you feel even better. You’ve done it!”

 There was so much relief and elation in that moment. I felt so incredibly proud of myself. I hope that if you are battling the same fight I had for years on end, that you too can win.

True Decadence Petite Plunge Front Floral Jacquard Crop Top 

True Decadence Petite Floral Jacquard Tailored Shorts

Daisy Street Western Style Heeled Boots

Why do you care what people think?

Are you hooked up to the leash?
You know, anklebiters
Ate up your personality.

Try to remember how it felt
To just make up your own steps
And let anklebiters
Chew up, spit out someone else.

Fall in love with yourself.

Why you wanna please the world
And leave yourself to drop dead?
Someday you’re gonna be
The only one you’ve got.

Anklebiters – Paramore