City Chic Conqueror

There’s something about Trench Coats. Perhaps it’s my all consuming love for Parisian fashion or the gravitation pull, which I can not fight, for the classic chic style. Maybe it’s simply an expression of my ambitious, preppy personality. Whichever the case, I always find myself at the mercy of the trench. The cut is just incredibly flattering and the belt gives it’s wearer the option to bring the jacket in at the waist. Thus, accentuating any curves and giving a beautiful hourglass figure. You could look like a wreck, feel like the queen of stress-head city and yet give the world the illusion that you are in fact quite the opposite. Throw on a Trench Coat and you’re ready to conquer the day in the up most, classic assemble. Oh, and if it’s beige, you’ve struck gold!

Not only do I believe that a woman needs a timeless trench, but also, a classic handbag that will last her for years to come. I recently discovered this amazing brand, ‘Fiorelli’ and let me tell you, their designs are pretty much perfect! Since starting my vegan journey, I’ve been searching for a timeless, high quality bag that I love and is cruelty free / Faux Leather. I was initially a little skeptical on whether the bags would look as lovely as they do online. Furthermore, it’s really difficult to judge on quality and craftsmanship from an image on a computer screen. However, once I’d received my beautiful bag, all hesitations and doubts completely disappeared.

I’ve been completely blown away by Fiorelli; incredible designs, high quality and excellent customer service. An added bonus, it was super affordable too! I’m a big believer in paying for what you get and by the sheer craftsmanship of such a handbag, I somewhat feel, as though I’ve ripped the brand off- I’d have paid much more. Needless to say, expect to be seeing more of this handbag in future posts.


 Zara Trench Coat

Ted Baker High Waist Wax Jean

Sam Edelman Zoe High Heel Ankle Boots (✕) 

Fiorelli Large Grab Bag Sandstone