Green People

Since discovering the wonderful lifestyle that is veganism and quickly making the transition, I’ve became very aware and conscious of not only what it is that I’m putting into my body but also on it too. Moreover, what it is I’m actually supporting. I was completely unaware that the products I was using on a daily basis were coming from companies which unfortunately animal test. Since learning this, I went on a huge hunt for some great products to replace my animal cruelty ones-once they had been used up to obtain a cruelty free life.

What I wasn’t expecting, was to find products that were 100 times better than the ones I was previously using! I wanted to share this brand with you all due to how highly I believe in their products.

Green People was founded in 1997. They create luxury organic beauty products most of which are vegan and all are cruelty free! Moreover, they are an environmentally conscious company that puts its ethics ahead of its profits.

I really didn’t know what to expect once discovering this brand. I’d already tried a few other vegan products and was left each time, feeling dissapointed. My main focus was finding a shampoo and conditioner and let me tell you, Green People’s hair products have literally blown my mind. I’ve never had healthier, stronger, hair. Even my hairdresser noticed the incredible improvement with my locks. She was very impressed as am I. It’s doubtful I’ll be looking anywhere else for my Hair product needs.

I had also learnt that my toothpaste was not cruelty free, so I picked up two of Green People’s toothpaste’s to try. Once more, I was pleasantly surprised not only by the quality but how much cleaner my teeth look and feel. I was unaware how every toothpaste prior to Green People, was effecting my teeth. I no longer feel as though I’m using a chemical induced product. Just as they publicize; the products all feel incredibly natural and healthy.

I can’t wait to try out more of their products in the future and if you are looking for some amazing beauty products than I would highly recommend this brand.