The NYE outfit for the Party Girl

This is for the girl that’s going to be dancing all night, celebrating the new year with fruity drinks, crazy friends and deafening music; the party girl. She’s a little bit wild…okay, a hell of a lot wild and then some. She’s a free spirit and finds it easy to forget her responsibilities. But hell, she knows how to have a good time and unless she’s lost utter, complete control, there will undoubtedly be a smile strewn across her face tonight. All night.

There’s a ring at her door, it’s still rather early but it’s just her excitable and boisterous friends coming round to get ready. In a few minutes, the speakers are blasting and there are piles up on piles of clothes, makeup and goodness knows what else, scattered across the floor. They spend more time than they would, have they been alone, getting ready. However, it obviously wouldn’t be as fun. There’s glitter covering their face and it’s matching their outfits as they shut the door and make their way towards their destination. Whether that be at a house party, a club or a bar. These girls are sure for one thing. They’re leaving this year and going out with a bang!

This is what I’d call your most typical New Years Eve outfit. Black, chic and sparkly. Perfect for catching the celebratory lights as you’re watching the fireworks and dancing the night away under the disco ball. Some sexy looking heels to add that vixen flare, of course. Lastly, a small bag that’s just the right size for carrying your belongings without being too large, it’s going to be a burden carrying it all night. Yes, it is seemingly your stereotypical NYE outfit, however, there’s a wonderful twist to it.

I thought a romper would be the ideal NYE look, particularly, if your plans are to go clubbing or out partying with your friends. It’s comfortable with a flattering fit, nipping in at the waist and flaring out at the legs. The sleeves keep you arms warm but they’re not thick so you won’t be sweating when you’re dancing inside. The sequins add that gorgeous glitz and glamour to the look with the eccentric detail giving off the impression this outfit was more expensive than it actually was. But, what’s perfect of all is what a dress fails to do, a play suit does not. You don’t have to fight the wind, pulling down your skirt or worry that you’re going to flash someone when you’re busting your moves. You’re dignity will stay in tact all night. Take it from someone that usually wears a dress to these things and ends up regretting it half of the time. Who want’s to spend their night, focusing half of their attention on making sure your dress/ skirt is down?

I wore these beautiful ankle boots with 5 inch heels because, when it comes to heels, the bigger the better. Well, okay there is a line but let’s face it, wearing super high heels looks incredibly alluring and you literally feel on top of the world. Or is that just me? Either way I think they really add something to the romper, however, if you’re dancing the night away and aren’t used to such high heels, I’d suggesting replacing with some cute black wedges. Or, you could opt for a red pair to match that amazing lipstick.

Liberate yourself

Not all of us are ‘party girls’ where we can just let go, have a good time and live in the moment. Some of us are simply too scared or concerned over the worries of the future. What I’d say to these people is to learn to trust the future or simply chose to forget about it for at least one night. Don’t sweat on the small stuff- they probably don’t matter as much as you think they do. Pick your battles carefully, no human can walk into a war and fight 8 battles at the same time. Only Octopuses have that many hands (or tentacles). Lastly, if struggle to both, forgive or forget. Make peace with it. Let go of the things you have no control over because they are making you unhappy and darling, it’s preventing you from living in the moment. Learn from the ‘Party Girl’; take a moment to appreciate life and just let go. Just for this moment.


Romper: Frock and Frill Playsuit

Heels: Sam Edelman Zoe High Heel Ankle Boots (✕) 

Bag: Vintage

Lipstick:  Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn