The NYE outfit for the Romantic Feminine

Dedicated to the hopeless romantic who adores wearing soft shades, celebrating her womanliness and will undoubtedly be snogging her true love at midnight. The Romantic Feminine is the dainty doll with the doe eyes and a sweet smile. She’s got that gingerbread feeling and perhaps find’s it too easy to drift off into the clouds. But, hey, she’s got a kind heart and a good head sitting on her shoulders. The girl whose expecting, or wishing, for her Prince Charming to come and kiss her when the clock strikes midnight. However, she’s much more sensible than Cinderella and wears heels with straps. Multiple straps!

Her room is filled with a beautiful scent flowing from her Christmas Snowflake candle, burning on her bedside table. There sits a little white kitten, purring on her bed watching the flame calmly flicker. She sits in front of her mirror, elegantly applying her makeup- natural and delicate. The perfect reflection of her personality. Fairy lights dangle from her ceiling, casting a wishful look across her home and reminding her that dreams can come true. A sweet, hopeful smile is carved on her face as she pops her lipstick in her bag. Who knows what awaits on this magical night.

We were incredibly proud of this photo shoot as this time of year comes with it’s own complications for fashion blogging. Winter weather means dull skies, lack of lighting and terrible facial expressions from yours truly due to the freezing temperatures. Despite not being the ideal outfit for outside, (who spends new years eve outside anyways?) I’m honestly in love with this look. Ethereal fashion is a weakness of mine so naturally, I loved doing this shoot and adored feeling like a snowflake fairy in this look. To really enhance the romantic vibes, I went for some angelic curls and a flawless, pretty pink makeup look which you’ll be seeing in more detail come this valentine. Spoiler Alert!

 I’d say this is quite different to your stereotypical NYE outfit, yet still catches the essence of what this evening is all about. New beginnings, resolutions and an unmissable celebration. It is of course, a tradition to set goals when the new year arrives. Furthermore, to simply dream. I really feel this outfit illustrates that wishful, whimsical new year feeling. The flowing tulle skirt casts an ethereal mood further enhanced by it’s shade of white. The crop top is just exquisite with complex beading which Needle and Thread pride themselves on. I like to think the intricate detail conveys the complications that will inevitably come from the next 365 days.

No year can be full of complete and utter happiness. On the contrary, it can not be full of complete and utter sadness either. There will be ups and downs with various layers which together create a full story. 2017, like any other year, will not be simple but it can be full of constant dreaming, hopefulness and fantastical surprises. I think this shoot and the outfit in particular stands for these specific parts of the presence from a new year.

Lavish Yourself

The lesson which the Romantic Feminine brings is to never stop dreaming. To never lose faith in yourself or give up because we all deserve happiness and it is possible to reach those goals you long for. Furthermore, that it is perfectly okay to treat yourself and indulge every once in a while. The Romantic Feminine is kind to herself, she knows how to be generous to the girl staring at her in the mirror and she never loses her exuberant personality.

Regardless if her dreams face obstacles or her days aren’t always lighthearted and cheerful. She knows that life may bring her down sometimes and there will be days where it’s difficult to smile. However, she remembers to lavish herself and never forgets to project this onto others also. The Romantic Feminine knows that being generous to those around her, reflects in herself and will undoubtedly result in a luxurious feeling money simply cannot buy. Indulge in a treat or two, because you owe it to yourself and don’t run short for those you love and those who are less fortunate as well.


Top: Needle & Thread Prarie Embroidery Top

Skirt: Needle & Thread Tulle Ballet Midi Skirt

Heels: Faith Louise White Tie Up Heels  (✕)

Bag: Ted Baker Bag (✕)

Earrings: Bow Earrings

Bracelet: Pandora Charm Bracelet