The NYE outfit for the Sophisticated Chic

This is for the high fashion babe who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a dress to a party. She knows how to blur the lines and create a perfect balance between feminine and masculine. Unafraid to show a little skin, she celebrates who she is and the body she’s been gifted with. Bold, Daring and beautiful with a side of attitude that’s perfectly harnessed. She’s the empowered female, confident and controlled; the Sophisticated Chic.

She arrives home in a hurry, though to the rest of the world it just looks like a fast pace; she carries herself well. It’s been a long day but a productive one as she is one step higher to reaching her goals and achieving the success she desires. Her makeup is quickly retouched and darkened to be ‘night-time appropriate’. There’s an organized list in her head as she mentally checks each step off; New Years Eve outfit on? Check. Heels zipped up, a comfortable yet sexy pair? Check. Electricity off? Check. Door Locked? Check. Ready for an amazing night to celebrate the welcoming of the new year? Check, check and check.

I’ve always loved seeing women wear clothes that have a ‘masculine’ cut to them. Even though it’s the modern day and we, as women, have come so far in terms of gender equality, (though, I know we still have a long way to go.) fashion illustrating this movement and cause further. I still find this style to be fashion-forward and quite daring. More so, if one is to go down the route which I have taken, here.

I haven’t worn a tux or suit before so this was definitely a change for me. However, I really wanted to see what it felt like wearing ‘men’s clothing’. It was incredibly empowering and it felt amazing to be able to cross those ‘gender boundaries’. (Insert eye roll; why do these boundaries still exist?)

I think this tuxedo is a perfect example for a great masculine cut and I love that it’s not your typical black suit. It was so incredibly well made and the stitching was almost immaculate. Don’t even get me started on the lining. It was like being wrapped in a blanket of angels. The cut in itself was impressive. A rare find in fast-fashion brands.

A clutch or bag seemed wrong for this outfit. I felt like the Sophisticated Chic would throw her necessities in her pockets and be done with it. She doesn’t like complications or baggage. However, if I were to add a bag to this look, I think a simple, black clutch would look perfect.  To bring back a bit of elegance to the suit, I chose to wear a pair of high heels which I think adds a bit of class and makes the outfit look more flattering. I really wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone, particularly as I really felt my feminist come out to play. Therefore, I chose to simply wear a bralette underneath my jacket to hopefully evoke body confidence within other women and convey the message that it’s perfectly acceptable to show some skin or wear something revealing. Who in the hell cares anyway? Why should it matter if I decided to show my stomach and bralette?

 Love Yourself

 I believe we could all learn something from the Sophisticated Chic. To love who you are- inside and out. In my opinion it’s one of the most important lessons one can learn in their life journey. Being able to accept all of your flaws and appreciate your assets, strengths and talents can really shape your life into something remarkable. A lack of self confidence can lead to fear and hold each of us back from going after the things we really want in life. The Sophisticated Chic wouldn’t wait for that gorgeous guy, with his kind eyes and soft smile, sitting at the end of the bar, to ask her out. She’d take her fate into her own hands because she believes in herself and loves who she is.

 If you haven’t already, learn to love yourself. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Wear something a little ‘risky’ or ‘revealing’. Compliment yourself- it doesn’t make you big-headed! Remind yourself of your worthiness before getting out of bed and achieve that body confidence you’ve always wanted. Talk yourself happy. Just love who you are this new year… and for the all the new years to come after this one.


Tuxedo Jacket: Millie Mackintosh Heather Suit Blazer in Burgundy

Tuxedo Trousers: Millie Mackintosh Heather cigarette trousers in Burgundy

Bralette: Skivvies for Love & Lemons Cecile Bralette

Heels:Laser Cut Heels

Necklace: E Initial Necklace