The prettiest Vegan bag!

When I first went vegan and discovered the terrible truth of leather and that I, in fact, owned a bag made with cow skin. I instantly went on a huge hunt for a vegan bag. I didn’t want to just get a faux bag but one that was ethically made and didn’t involve sweat shops either. That’s when I stumbled upon the most amazing vegan, ethical brand: GUNAS. Not only do they create stunning well-made products that are cruelty free- they are all hand made and to top it off they are Eco-Conscious too! Gunas only make a limited amount of each product to promote slow-fashion. To put it simply, they stand for everything I believe in and teach their customers the same things I hope to preach on this blog.

Gunas has been a vegan find of my dreams and it’d be a crime for me not to share this brand with you. (Paticularly as this is the month dedicated towards the vegan reolution; Happy Veganuary Wildlings!)

I’d been eying one particular bag from Gunas for quite some time and was devastated when they sold out in the colour I had been longing for. However, just as luck would have it, they made some more due to it’s high demand. I think just looking at this beauty, you can see why it’s been loved by many.

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I had wanted a beautiful, feminine, bag that was 100% cruelty free, vegan and would last me a lifetime. When I spotted the Gunas flamingo bag I knew that was the one I had been searching for. I sound like I’m talking about finding my soulmate or some crazy romantic fantasy but it kind of felt like that. I adore timeless fashion and look up to classic, strong, ethical women. It’s what I strive for ever day and this bag leads me in that direction. I can’t describe the pure euphoria of being able to have that chance to support such a wonderful brand that stands for important, meaningful causes and offers high-end, beautiful products in return. It’s so rare, especially in the world of fashion.

Seen as this bag sets a milestone in my life; for a lifestyle of ethical fashion and sustainable living. I wanted to harness the timelessness of the bag and reveal how I see this design staying by my side for an incredibly long time. Therefore, we shot in a lovely little village with my beautiful preppy Ted Baker dress which gives off a set of 60s vibes I am obsessed with. If the bangs and makeup look wasn’t a dead giveaway that I love the 1960’s, then I’m sure this cute shift dress will reveal how much I adore the era.

I wanted the focus to really be on the bag so we shot at a more reserved location which, if I’m completely honest seems a little boring for my usual taste. However, I really didn’t want the place we shot at to detract from the gorgeousness that is this bag. Growing up, one of the things I loved to do and for a long while wanted to pursue, was to write and tell stories. Blogging, particularly fashion focused posts, allows me to do this. My aim is to always tell my readers a story. Therefore, I like to think that this plain location gives off it’s own little story and a series of questions too. Where is this vegan girl with her dapper outfit going? Is that her house she’s just leaving, ready to conquer the day in the most elegant of ways? Or is she arriving instead of leaving? I like to think- or hope- that you desire to know more. She’s a little mysterious and isn’t giving a lot away.

It’s no secret that I love Ted Baker’s garments- though they do unfortunately fall short on animal cruelty with their leather bags, which I pray will some day change. There is no doubt that this dress is so darling. I thought it was the perfect dress to compliment the Gunas Bag. Let’s just appreciate that colour co-ordination. It’s like they were made for each other! A bold statement but we can not deny this compatibility. I wouldn’t usually go for lace tights with this look- though this is a major wardrobe staple of mine!  However, I thought the lace added a hint of ‘Eloise’ and adds that touch of class and a twisted allure. Despite it’s intricacy and delightful statement, it still gives the bag all the attention it so needs. The bottom line, my dear Wildlings, is that you will be seeing a lot more of this beautiful design and most likely more Gunas features in the foreseeable future. (I’m just Pre-warning you now so you can’t get angry at me later!) It’s just too pretty not to photograph and wear. Moreover, I want to show you that one beautiful bag can create tons of outfits! Slow fashion is the ultimate sophistication.

My adoration for timeless fashion is a love that will no doubt last a lifetime. It has evolved over the years, particularly in the last six months. I believe a part of inner happiness is not drowning ones self in over consumption and mass consumerism but to live more minimally. Slow-fashion isn’t just more sustainable and ethical, it means we buy with a deeper intention and eliminate those superficial voices. I’d much rather have a wardrobe full of clothes I constantly wear and love, than one where I can’t even shut the door and only wear 10% of. That’s not going to give a lot of happiness. Not in my opinion at least. Purchasing this bag; which I adore, can put a million outfits together, and holds meaning by supporting a cause I believe in, results in not buying ten other bags that I look at and think are ‘okay.’ That’s just creating waste, something the world really doesn’t need more of! We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.


Buy with meaning. Spontaneous purchases can be fun and sometimes, they can be the right decision but often they’re just bought on a whim,for the sake of it, as a fast act of retail therapy and with little to no meaning. It’s time to start thinking about what it is we are purchasing and asking constant question such as ‘why am I purchasing this?’/ ‘is my reason meaningful’/ ‘do I need this?’.

 I like to look at fashion as an investment. If it’s not bought with the intention to stay with you for the long ride, then should it be purchased? Probably not.


Bag: Flamingo Gunas Bag in Raspberry

Dress: Ted Baker Contrast pleat bow tunic dress

Tights: Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Tights

Booties: Ravel Heeled Ankle Boots