The art of slowing down

I really can’t believe the crazy things that have transpired during these first two months of 2017. Between my Dissertation deadline and other university work containing a million and one design competitions and preparing for job interviews, I’ve been swamped. Furthermore, so many unexpected yet undoubtedly exciting things have popped up and it’s left me feeling like this year is going to be better than I ever could have hoped. That’s not to say that the past two months have been all sunshine and rainbows, in fact there have been moment’s clouded with a deep darkness and oppressive nature. However, they have lead onto marvelous things such as my dear camera which has seen us through the blog has decided that it’s his time to go. Yet, it’s meant that we’ve had to invest in an even better camera suited for professional photographers. In turn, it has resulted in the ability to create content at a much higher quality and really has started opening up doors for me and Tabitha. Moreover, it’s helped Tabitha grow as a photographer and develop her skills for the career she aspires to pursue in the future. You may have noticed that our camera quality has suddenly gotten better since New Years and well, now you know why.

I’ve recently spoken about how I’d been too focused on quantity over quality when it came to blogging which had me loosing the true meaning of what it was I want to accomplish with The Whimsical Wildling. That is to inspire and create meaningful posts.

What I realized through our recent lack of success is that we haven’t been putting in the correct amount of time we usually would for our shoots. Everything’s been entirely too rushed and its resulted in wasting even more time because what we had, has been wasted on pointless content. However, once we realized we needed to measure our time more efficiently and stop focusing on quantity but high quality, meaningful shoots, it’s all managed to fall back into place and in turn, we have too. From now on we’ll be focusing on quality over quantity here on The Whimsical Wildling. This will mean more time between posts, however, we’d much rather have content we are proud of and hit the standard we’ve set with one singular post, over a hundred that are mediocre at best.


The Outfit

For instance this outfit has been almost shot twice before hand, however, things just didn’t really feel right when we went to go and shoot it. Whether that be the rain outside or feeling under the weather ourselves, we’d put off shooting this look and I’m thankful that we had. Putting off shooting this look resulted in us finding a wonderfully Gothic building in our very home town that went perfectly with the vibes and story I desired to tell. Moreover, I wanted the focus to be on this gorgeous Fiorelli bag I purchased a few months ago and the magnificent old-fashioned door really compliments the aubergine shade and gives room to let the bag do the talking.

I absolutely love this dress.

If it wasn’t clear, I adore the victorian era along with preppy fashion and I also have a major weakness for collars. Therefore, it’s really no surprise that I’d be swooning over this design. Accompanied with lace tights and a pair of black boots, it’s the perfect look for channeling those Victorian-esq vibes. Moreover, the gorgeous rich colour of this bag just enhances that Gothic mood further. I’m literally obsessed with aubergine shades at the moment. Although, I can imagine in a month, when spring graces me with it’s presence, the darker shades will take a step back until autumn returns. Nonetheless, I’m still in that dismal winter mood for the time being and my fashion usually reflects the current season.

I chose to go minimal with my makeup as I’ve been really into wearing little to no makeup recently.  I think it’s because I’m so completely in love with myself (call me vain or arrogant but I really don’t see whats wrong with that statement) and I don’t feel the urge to hide behind a mask or prove to myself that I’m beautiful. Now I just know it and I can only hope that my dear Wildlings and the rest of the world reach the same set of clouds I’m currently lying on.

There’s a lot more to be said about the dress I’m wearing, however, I feel that now is really not the time to tell it’s complete story. I have various things planned in the future for this wonderful garment so I’m forewarning you that this will not be the last time the blog meets such a dress nor the bag for that matter.


Dress: Ted Baker Embroidered Collared Dress

Tights: Lace Tights

 Bag: Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag

Booties: Suedette Black Ankle Boots


  With so many shoots turning out to be unsuccessful, the little bump in the road has really made me think about the important things in life. With the over saturated world of blogging, social media and consumerism, we can get so caught up in the fast pace of everything. It can be come too easy to forget to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. The line between necessity and what is truly most important becomes blurred and we loose sight of our own, individual journey. To put it simply, we forget to live.

” We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant & truly see the things that matter most.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I’ve became conscious of fast living

I’ve realized that real happiness isn’t something extravagant or large and looming on the horizon ahead. It’s not the speed of the car you’re driving or how fast the wind blows. It’s much smaller, constant and already here. The smile of someone you love. A pot of blooming flowers on your windowsill. A steaming cup of coffee that smells like magic and fairy tales. The warm sunset displaying the most wonderful array of colours that you didn’t even know existed. Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row. These are the things which go unappreciated and lost in the world of fast living.

My Advice: How to slow down

What does it result in anyway? Like those fast-paced photo shoots we attempted that were worthless anyway. Rushing things and moving in a constant quick pace all but achieves a life of chaos and never embracing or appreciating the moment. The present becomes the past whilst you’re living in it. We’re often rushing to “do stuff”;  to “get things done.” But life is not primarily a to-do list, even if there are things which need to get done. Don’t live your life in such haste that you don’t admire and appreciate the beauty offered whilst you still can. If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in? Each of us are only here for a short visit. Though life may seem long sometimes, in comparison to the world as a whole, we are quite short on time. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

Pay Attention to the little things. Use all five senses and really take everything in around you. Focus on your breathing and understand that right now, is the only time that exists. The past is gone and the future ceases to exist. This moment is all you ever have so bask in it.

Be content with what you have. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach for the stars but don’t forget you’re standing on the moon.  Be happy with what you’ve accomplished right now. Although there might be plenty of things in your life that you wish would be different, there are still so many things to be happy for already. Think of all your blessings and be grateful for them. Be excited for the future you are building but don’t forget to enjoy what you already have right now.

 Calm your mind. The world will keep on spinning no matter if you pass that test or meet that deadline. Life is not a race and being serious all the time just results in a tense, stressed-out, monster of a human. Take a day off each week and actually stop working all the time. Who want’s to look back on their life and find their days are riddled with ticking off to-do lists and rushing from one place to the next? Not me. Have a pamper day, take a peaceful walk in the park or just stop in the midst of all that fast-paced living and chaos and just breathe.

 It’s time to slow down and appreciate the simplicity of life. Time flies, but don’t forget that you’re the pilot. when you find the world is moving too fast and you’re lost amongst the chaos of it all, introduce yourself to each colour of the sunset. Familiarize yourself with the movement of the ocean’s waves and reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air which surrounds you, giving you life with every breath you take. Appreciate the art of slowing down.