How lovely the silence of growing things: why we shouldn’t pick flowers

A sweet little girl humming a lullaby, I was unfamiliar with, skipped down the dusty path. Apple blossom grew in clusters on both sides, long strands of grass tickled her ankles and little branches grabbed onto her pretty dress- if she wasn’t careful. Nature was left to grow wild here and it ravished in such freedom. It was clear no man came with his giant clippers and ruined. The ground barely touched, for no machines were driven. It was beautiful, pure and above all, distanced from destruction. Well, almost… You see, that little girl, though incapable of comprehending the elusive ladder she had started to climb, picked at the apple blossoms. Tore the wild flowers from their homes and chased after the little rabbit that once sat peacefully amongst the long, unruly field of grass.

Why do we do this? Pick at something we find beautiful and leave it to die. Is it really so difficult for humans to appreciate that which we find appealing and leave it to continue growing? To simply allow it to bloom and watch from a distance.

Spring is my favourite season and for good reason, it is utterly magical. Nature breaths out new life; flowers begin to bloom, lambs hop along the fields and blossom flourishes in every corner, petals falling along the streets casting an enchanting mood where ever you may go. However, this can only happen if we let it be. Allow it to grow alone, in it’s own time and to appreciate it’s beauty with out pulling it apart.

 “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, 

let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.”  

~ Osho 

Reflect this into the flowers that grow inside us. Do not kill the beautiful flowers that wrap around your ribs and flourish from your heart for those who can not appreciate the way you bloom. If you notice hands coming in closer, threatening to pull those beautiful plants, from their very roots. Move. Know that we are not tethered to the ground and if it’s somehow impossible, remember that flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on.

A dress made of dreams

Tabitha and I wanted to really convey the serenity of this location, with a strong focus on the silence. We’re both pretty proud of the outcome of this shoot as we feel we’ve achieved what we set out to do and hopefully my dear Wildlings, you receive the same vibes. I think the dress really enhances the tranquility of the shoot and when the soft breeze made an appearance the tulle skirt danced beautifully in the wind.

I can’t quite get over the intricate detail on this garment and a Needle and Thread obsession has been creeping in for quite some time now. I’ve always admired this brand’s aesthetic and style. Furthermore, since shooting one of their two pieces a few months back, a deep love has flourished. I already have my eye on a fair few of their designs and this most likely won’t be the last time you see one of their garments featured here. Moreover, this beautiful dress allowed me to bloom in peace, to breathe in dirt and exhale flowers.



Dress: Needle & Thread Ditsy Scatter Tulle Gown