Escape to nature with me

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been in complete awe with these gardens. They sit between a magnificent mansion and castle ruin, stretching for over a mile and covered with an incredible variation of plants. Every time I’d visit during my childhood, I’d come away with a newly found knowledge on another beautiful flower I didn’t know existed. It’s been one of my favourite places almost throughout my whole life and I just had to share it with my dear Wildlings. The last time I actually visited here was when I was in my first year of collage and now I’m a little less than two months away from graduating! It’s been five years and I hadn’t realized there was a neglected corner in my soul yearning for my magical garden until my feet touched the soil and my fingers grazed over the lavender bushes.

It’s a place loved by many and I can guarantee you will be seeing more of this breathtaking place. Not only because it reflects a part of me- and that’s what we always try and do here on The Whimsical Wildling- but also, because it’s a perfect shooting place providing the right mood we strive for. Before shooting, Tabitha and I sat for a while, 

just the two of us really taking in the place we hadn’t visited in a long time and of
course enjoying each others company. When I’m in a place full of tranquility and peace, I fold into myself, thoughts run deep and I found myself settling on one particular thought that stayed with me for the rest of the day.

Things have been rocky lately, like I’m drifting along the sea, the winds go from silent to chaotic, waves changing from aggressive to calm and back again. I’ve been feeling like I’m forever falling, certain things pulling me to the dark depths of the ocean. Trying to drown me and above the surface I can see one too many people watching as I’m consumed by the water and dare I say it, enjoying the scene. I guess the weight of the world has been resting on my shoulders and I didn’t realise how much, until I came to my charming garden and left it all behind. An escape was just what I needed and where better to go than in to the belly of the beast? A secret garden I can call my own. Like the way the flowers bloom once more when this magical season falls upon us, I found myself reborn and with important realisations bestowed upon me.


Here’s 5 reasons why you should escape to nature every now and then.



 Whilst we were taking these first few photos, a whole swarm of bees were fluttering around, working together and going about their business. I was mesmerised for a moment, watching these tiny little creatures working so hard just to keep themselves in the air and gathering what they needed from the bush I stood next to. It had me thinking; do half of my problems and concerns really matter in the future? If so, is it as important as these sweet bees keeping the flowers regrowing and bringing back life to nature so all walks of life can keep living? We are just another species inhabiting this vast, ever-changing planet. Being around nature allowed me to put things in to perspective; it’s so easy to get caught up in all these concerns, problems and what ever else is swirling around in my head, that a box is formed around me. Being in the great outdoors and seeing how big and wonderful the world is breaks that box.



I’m actually a very appreciative person- from an early age I discovered it was one of the many keys to the complicated door with it’s million locks called happiness. Therefore, it’s actually quite rare that I’m found being unappreciative, however, sometimes I forget about being grateful for what I have because I’m too focused on what I don’t have yet- a successful career, adventure, etc. Seeing the natural wonders of the world; the great mountains, powerful waves of the ocean, magnificent trees that stretch up and touch the sky- these are the things humans often forget to appreciate. Nature gives us life and yes, of course we
should appreciate all the other wonderful things we have in our lives, but how many of us actually sit and take in how amazing it is that tree’s help us breathe? It’s something I know I need to do more and being amongst all these wonderful plants and little creatures had me feeling immensely grateful for these gifts mother earth created.


I’ve lived in a large town throughout the whole of my childhood and studied in a city for the whole of my short, adulthood. Whilst I did spend a large amount of time in nature as a child, it’s not as easy to do this now that I’m swamped with university work and living in a city with little access to transport where I can escape to the countryside. The rowdy, busy city life and it’s fast-paced living can result in a lack of serenity I didn’t even know I required or missed until I’m away from it. What’s so special about this garden is that even though it attracts a lot of tourists and there’s always people here, there’s no car horns blaring, no background hum of traffic, sirens or drunk students shouting down the street. It’s a beautiful quiet and that tranquility gives me the chance to ground myself. To connect to my soul on a deeper level and become acutely aware of everything that surrounds me. I can be more mindful of my thoughts, actions and appreciate the present.


Fresh Air

Similar to how humans can be unappreciative towards nature is the realisation that we kill it. Visiting the wilderness offers the best escape from over-polluted areas, the horrible emissions and unpleasant smells. What frightens me is how accustomed I can become to these harmful gasses I’m breathing in and I only need to remove myself from these surroundings to truly understand and feel the effects of what this has on my body.

I’ve watched a little documentary on the effects and theories regarding chronic diseases and their link with the unnatural chemicals we interact with, daily. I really noticed this when I’m amongst nature and really felt it when I took a deep breath in after stepping in to this garden. There’s no feeling quite like it.


Perhaps the most important part of escaping to the wilderness is it’s unprecedented force to heal. Modern day life offers so much stress. Human lifestyle may have evolved with it’s technology and social structure but I fail to see our primate bodies evolving too. I don’t think we’ve really caught up with ourselves and learnt how to respond to these unnatural stressors yet.

 Spending time outdoors allows us to get back to our natural environment and I know I personally feel that connection. The one we’ve lost by living in these conditions that, whilst are luxurious, are in fact unnatural. If I’ve been particularly stressed and have a strong feeling I’ll stuggle with getting to sleep that night, I take an evening stroll through the park. If I’m feeling a little down, I visit the countryside and let my body soak up all that wonderful Vitamin D and it’s glorious effects like increasing one’s lifespan and reducing risks of chronic diseases. Nature is your best medicine.

 Experiencing nature can be both overwhelming and empowering at the same
time. It’s a force to be reckoned with with incredible healing powers
for both the body and mind. If you feel like I have and the world is
consuming you, find solitude amongst nature, my dear Wildling.