7 etiquette tips to Becoming a Classier Lady

If I asked you to describe the definition of a classy lady, what would you say? Perhaps it would be something akin to the answer I would have given a year ago; a well groomed woman with flawless makeup, immaculately dressed in the latest Chanel suit and not a hair out of place. In simple terms, a woman with utter elegance and poise.

However, through some soul searching and gaining a little more understanding of the world we live in, I have come to learn that classiness isn’t just about displaying high social status and maintaining a perfect appearance. Perhaps this was once the definition of a classy lady, when a century or more ago, it was the norm to associate class with aristocratic women. Nonetheless, times have changed and we now live in a meritocratic society. Social status is not what it used to be and therefore, any woman can obtain a sense of class.

Now the question remains; what makes a classy lady?

Mindful Awareness

A classy woman is mindful over what words leave her mouth. She refrains from using vulgar language because she is aware that the language one uses is a representation of their mind and their heart.

There is a great difference between complaining about ones problems and maliciously talking about someone behind their back. We are only human and it is perfectly acceptable to vent out our frustrations, however, gossiping or insulting someone is unjustifiable to a classy lady. It is often an act to put someone down in order to make ones self feel better. A woman with class knows that she will gain nothing from this but a negative outlook on life and such things are for the weak-minded.

She also knows when to walk away from an argument if things are becoming heated. Everyone has a right to express their feelings and opinions, however, a classy woman knows that she does not need to win an argument just to prove a point. This isn’t to be confused with her being submissive or admitting defeat. It is simply her revealing her wisdom of showing grace by choosing to end the discussion. In doing so, she avoids letting anger become like her counterpart.

Modesty is the highest elegance

Modesty is about being humble and down-to-earth. To be genuine. You will never see a classy lady throwing a tantrum in a restaurant because she asked for a green salad with balsamic dressing and the waiter gave her a french dressing instead. She will simply point out the mistake, assure the waiter it is no problem and ask for her order to be corrected.

Boastfulness and haughtiness does not define a classy lady. She is respectful to everyone she crosses paths with and has no desire to display or exude power over anyone. Moreover, any compliments given to her is accepted with sincerity.

Her modesty is also translated through appearance. Her beliefs are that to dress to express and to impress. A classy woman is a big fan of subtlety; she is confident in herself and doesn’t feel the need to dress loudly to gain attention. If she loves bold garments it is because of her personal tastes. Tastefulness is her dress code.

A woman of her word

Honesty is a core value for a classy lady. She has a respectable reputation solely based on the consistency of her word. Promises are kept and obligations carried out. In doing so, she is perceived as dependable.When she receives an invitation she promptly RSVPs or declines. Likewise, she sends a thank you note to display her gratitude if she has received help from someone. A classy lady will only give compliments when she means it and not out of an insecurity to please others for her honesty is what enhances her self worth.

Practicing Compassion

A core building block for a classy woman is her beautiful sense of compassion. Perhaps this is where the stereotype of a classy lady strongly connected with a hierarchy stems from. However, she does not reveal her compassion to the world to climb the social ladder but because she believes that it is very important to give back to the world. To do what she can to leave it in a better place than when she entered it.

Often you will find a classy lady volunteering in local homeless shelters or working with charities. Class is not wealth in one’s person but the the richness in their heart. A classy lady practices kindness everyday and shows considerate to everyone she meets. She finds no pleasure in cruelty or sarcasm.

A woman of substance

Inspiring to many, a classy lady has substance. She is a positive influence, living by her morals and values and in doing so, becomes a great example for others to find the strength and confidence to do the same. A woman of substance doesn’t let the high demands and pressures of society bring her down- She understands that to be human is to be flawed and she embraces her imperfections.

A classy woman knows what she wants and works towards achieving it. She relentlessly follows her heart and never gives up. The opinions of others do not sway or taint her judgement but acts as a proposal for her to oppose or accept as she feels best. In simple terms, she is constantly aiming to perspire,aspire and transpire!

A seeker of the truth

Though this characteristic may seem a little unconventional, a classy lady seeks the truth and doesn’t naively believe the first thing she hears. She is intelligent and uses this to better her knowledge on different topics. A classy woman understands that if a subject is to be discussed it must first be truly understood. This gives her the grounding to defend the truth even when it is unpopular.

A classy woman has a strong sense of right and wrong and is passionate to see the oppressed redeemed.


The foundation of a classy lady is her confidence. This can be incredibly difficult for many to obtain and can require a fair amount of mental strength and perceptive changes. However, confidence is the foundational block and without this it is almost impossible to truly be a classic woman. It is about understanding your self worth, never trying to manipulate or oppress others and changing yourself to gain approval or love from others.

You will never see a classy woman outrageously jealous of the women her partner is chatting to or of her sisters child because they are better than her own children. A classy woman knows she is only competing with herself.

Confidence is what sets apart a classy woman from a showy woman. A classy woman understands the importance of self-love and not fearing the outcome of speaking up. However, she knows when it is the right time to voice her opinions and when it is appropriate to tone herself down. A classy lady embraces her femininity and encourages other women to feel empowered too.


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