Infusing More Kindness into Everyday Life

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how many random acts of kindness you’ve done that day?

It’s odd to see the world so contradictory caused by the way in which social media has encouraged so many of us to become ignorant on what’s going on around us. We becomes so attached to our technology; staring into our phone screens as we are walking or blasting our music as we sit on the bus. It blinds us. We no longer see the struggling single mother tending to her children and not realising her baby has dropped it’s teddy bear on the street. We no longer hear the old man ask if he can sit on the empty seat next to you. Society has become a little too wrapped up in itself, in my opinion. Yet irreconcilably, humans are seen performing random acts of kindness everyday: holding the door for someone or wishing a stranger a good morning with a smile on their face. When asked for support from users online, there’s often an overwhelmingly positive response.

  Our brains are hardwired for compassion– though this natural instinct can become tainted through life experiences. Regardless, it is still there and for some it simply needs to be reminded or coaxed out. I often muse myself with thoughts of a kinder world. To imagine what it would be like to live in a society where each person nurtured that compassionate impulse.

Kindness is a truly wonderful thing and there are countless ways one can bring more compassion into the world. Here are just a few that come to mind:

Pick Up Litter

It might seem disgusting but simply picking up some rubbish and putting into the bin reinforces more compassion than one might initially assume. By looking after the earth, we look after everyone around us and that in itself is quite a remarkable thing. Furthermore, the Earth deserves to see more kindness too, particularly as it has to cater to the human race everyday!

Let someone go ahead of you in line.

This is the small random act of kindness I’m guilty of showing on the daily. It seems like such a minor thing but each time, the reactions I get are unprecedented. Each person is very appreciative and unfortunately, shocked by this thoughtfulness.

Offer smiles freely.

It might sound ridiculously simple but receiving a smile from a stranger could mean the world to someone. It costs nothing to smile at another person and very minimal effort as well, yet the repercussions are irreplaceable. We can not know for sure, what struggles the people we pass everyday are battling. On the other hand, they can not possibly know what war is raging inside of us either. Wether you are on the battlefield or chilling in the countryside somewhere with a bottle of Prosecco, smile more and watch as it lifts both your mood and the lucky person you smiled at, as well.

Pay for the next parking ticket.

  My friend did this once when we’d went out for a day of shopping and stereotypical ‘girly time.’ She paid for the persons parking ticket behind us and I will never get over their stunned, elated reaction. It was something I’d never fought to do and I thought it was a wonderfully simple gesture full of that beautiful kindness we humans don’t see enough of. This act of generosity can be translated to many similar daily events; in a coffee shop, a cinema or the person behind you about to buy their bus ticket.

Thank the bus driver…

or the cashier, or the guy that made you the Starbucks you can’t live without. Sure, they are just doing their jobs but they’re also human and have bad days too. I can think of a few things I’d rather do with my time than making coffee all day and to receive something as a friendly smile and a thank you from one of the customers wouldn’t make my job seem as tedious. It’s also nice to know that the service offered is appreciated.

It costs nothing to be kind and yet you can gain so much. I challenge all my readers to show the world some kindness today.

Do you have any random acts of kindness you like to share with the world? 


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