Into the forest I go

I wandered into a forest today.  I felt it calling me, like the moon screams for the stars and the mountains yearn to reach the clouds, I could not ignore natures whispers for the earth has music for those who listen and this time, the volume was breaking my eardrums. Two trees separated for each other, creating a path just for me; into a world of sheer bliss, a place I can always call home. So into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my soul.

I believe for every human being there is a force which recharges one’s batteries. An untouchable power that connects to each being through many different ways in which a sense of tranquility washes over them. It’s something I enjoy discovering about everyone in my life. One is controlled by music; the sensuous vibrations of guitar strings or the forceful pounding on the drums . Another is simply swimming and being underwater whilst another is driven through their connection with spiritual energy.

There are usually a few forces that spiral inside of us, inner-powers at work that reach our very core. For myself there’s the promise of endless possibilities when given a blank piece of paper and a pen. It is the creative expressions which shakes the outer core of my inner-force. Delve a little deeper and it’s the connection of cosmic energy and following my intuition. Reach the center and it’s both the more obvious one yet the deepest and strongest power that has hold of me; being amongst nature.  Each force is found through realizing and understanding what it is which recharges your batteries. The deepest force is the euphoric feeling where you feel utterly and completely content with in yourself. An undeniable strength takes hold and you feel like you’re home.

Forests will always hold your secrets, for that’s what forests are for. To separate and hide things. To protect, to comfort, to hold, to envelop, to demonstrate, to slow down, to hold, to teach. Go to the trees to explore your questions and dreams. Go to the trees to desire and seek. The world 

will listen as you walk, watch, soften, and breathe.

 ~ Victoria Erickson

What forces do you have inside of you?