What Energy Are You Putting Into The Universe?

I’m a huge believer in energy. It’s something which I have picked up on from a very early age. Each person has their own unique ball of energy, which lets out different frequencies at various speeds and with diverse ranges of power. It even has it’s own colour. Ever heard of Auras?

Many people snort at such an absurdity but humans have a habit of calling things they don’t understand ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’. Yet, we all pick up on these energies. I’ve seen it many-a-times. When you meet someone for the first time, whether intentional or not, you immediately get a particular ‘vibe’. Sometimes, we just know not to interact with someone based on the energy they are releasing into the world.

What we put out, we attract. Our energy is attracting all the time.

 Though it is often seen as an unconventional topic, I see the exudence of ones energy to be important. For instance, imagine walking into the interview of your dream job. In the ideal world, you are walking in there with a confident smile and carrying yourself very well. This radiates positive energetic forces that will immediately uplift your interviewers mood. It may very well mean the difference between achieving your job or throwing it out the window because you carried a bucket load of negative energy when you walked into the room.

So how does one change their energy to a positive life force?

Let go of the past

Start by focusing your intentions on the positive instead of the negative. Do not dwell on the negatives of the past as choosing to be victimised will only feed the bad energy and thus, it will gain momentum. To do this, stop talking about it anymore than is necessary as this is feeding the negative energy. What helps me the most is finding the blessings and positives out of bad experiences. This can often take some time but with every tear shed comes a great life lesson and if you keep your mind busy looking for these lessons and learning from them, eventually the negative energy evaporates.

It is good to remember that every cruel or thoughtless action comes from a place of deep inner pain and not love. These acts formed by others can not be controlled nor undone. We can only forgive others and ourselves and release the energetic burden you carry; resentment, grudges, pain, guilt, anger… just let it all go, one breath at a time.

Speak Positivity

As of recently, I started replacing my apologies with words of gratitude. Instead of saying “I’m sorry I’m late,” I’ll replace that with “thank you for waiting for me.” This has shifted the way I think and feel about myself not to mention improving my relationships with those around me who now get to receive my gratitude instead of negativity. It then has an on going effect; the more positivity I spread in the world and channel into my relationships, the more it is returned. The result is feeling even more positive energy and thus the cycle of consistently feeling wonderful energy continues.

Surround yourself with good people

I’ve heard almost everyone I’ve crossed paths with say this but somehow, it is still common to watch many consistently involve themselves with people that give them negative energy. If given the choice, most of us wouldn’t walk out in the rain without grabbing an umbrella or hooded jacket. So why would we chose to be around people that bring us rain clouds and cast shadows over our lives when there could be sunshine instead? Life is too short to be surrounding ourselves with people that make us feel lesser. Understanding your own self-worth and that you deserve more is the first and most vital step in creating a more positive environment for yourself. Surround yourself with upbeat people that make you laugh and smile.

Don’t feed your worries

Coming from a former severe anxiety sufferer, I completely understand the everyday struggles this mental illness can cause. For many it can feel impossible to overcome such a difficult mindset that is anxiety. However, I am living proof that it is possible and whilst I feel I am in no position to advise someone on how to be less anxious, I can reveal one of the small steps that really helped me. Thankfully, I always was a ball of positive energy and even when my anxiety was at its worst, that little ball was still burning away inside my soul- the flames were just dimmer.

I would use my imagination to visualise what can go right, instead of what can go wrong. Every time a situation would present itself  that made me feel anxious or negative, I would imagine the best-case scenario and hold on to that. Over time, I managed to train my brain to be solution-orientated instead of problem-orientated and focused on changing my perception on certain situations.

According to the law of relativity, the energy we exude will be the same energy we attract. In other words, positive energy is contagious. So often we spend time thinking about what we don’t want or don’t like and putting our energy into that. When you notice that happening, see if you can instead focus on what you do want. You have the power to control how you are thinking and feeling. When you take note of the way that you feel, see if you can look for the positive in every situation so that you are sending out positive vibes and more specifically, our intentions.


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