Wildling in Wonderland: Chapter One

She the wonderer, with her lively eyes, telling tales of forgotten adventures. About a little girl who met the most curious of creatures, sits solemnly in her garden. Her heart was wild and unruly but her outward appearance revealed something entirely different.

The girl in the blue dress was no ordinary human.

In fact, she would often speak to the birds and the bees and it was common for her to hear the Cosmos’ and Lavender chatting about her. Always wondering if she was some sort of wildflower. Oh, how wrong they were, for she is but a whimsical iridescent faerie being, made of blueberries, venom and dewdrops and she was irrevocably happy to be one. Her soul came from better worlds and she had an incurable yearning to live amongst the stars. To surround herself with something…more.

The girl in blue believed with every fibre of her being, that she belonged some place else. That is why she spent so much of her time in her magical little garden, feeding her special talent to hear what all believed to be impossible and only accountable for the delusional. The problem was her tongue could only speak in flowers and thus she could not understand the rest of the world. Oh, and to the world, she was the greatest puzzle of all.

Then, the most peculiar day arrived, where the sun rays spilled onto the forget-me-nots caressing it with it’s warmth and the toadstools were suddenly reaching new heights. A¬†little white rabbit- the girl in blue was sure had presented itself before- appeared before the bushes. Too curious to ignore, she reached out to the rabbit but alas, it would not allow them to be in close proximity. She spoke out to it, but it only perked up its ears and tilted its head, as though she could not speak to animals at all. This made the girl even more intrigued, for she had not encountered an animal before that she was unable communicate with. It’s large black button eyes stared at her for the longest moment, seemingly coaxing her to follow it.

Now you see, the girl in blue asked far too many questions for her own good and her curiosity had always been the brightest fire that burned her soul. It was inevitable she would follow that little white rabbit.

It hopped through the garden, nose sniffing in the air every so often before presenting itself in front of the most enchanting pond. For a moment, the girl almost saw the rabbit grin but she knew that whilst many things were possible, animals couldn’t really smile, least of all a simple white rabbit.

She stared at the pond with deep concentration, finding herself to be very puzzled. Two dragonfly’s skimmed across the water, tainting her reflection as they did so. The girl in blue was enchanted by the way the water rippled but she was not as enraptured by the water as she was the strange blue caterpillar that crawled along the giant leaves. Smoke surrounded the unusual creature and her eyes winded in shock as the caterpillar pointed its head down to the pond. It was telling her to jump.

The girl in blue almost found the whole situation quite impossible but she had been told many things to be impossible that happened to be quite possible indeed. Her eyes gazed deeply over the water once more. How crazy it would be, she thought, to follow a rabbit and listen to a blue caterpillar that quite clearly has an addiction to smoking. Yet, she continued in her head, it would be even crazier not to listen. She shut her eyes and with one deep breath, she jumped.

The water engulfed her, swallowing her into an abyss.

The girl in blue slowly opened her eyes, looking up to see the white rabbit peering down into the pond watching her from the surface, along with the Cosmo flowers. She looked around her, seeing wild roots, branches and unruly plants swarming around the water with her. Suddenly, a small light appeared at the bottom of the pond and the girl in blue instantly felt drawn to it.

She didn’t even hesitate, just simply started swimming towards the light with a small flame abruptly igniting inside of her. It was as though she was finally finding the other world she knew she belonged to and she was all but afraid.For she was a Wildling- a being that craved adventure and an overwhelming desire to feel utterly free. So there she went, down the hole, where she bumped her head and bruised her soul.

End of Chapter One