How to pick the perfect Little Black Dress

Am I the only one that rarely likes an outfit or piece of clothing they try on straight away? Probably. I suppose you could say it’s down to me being super cautious with my money and a fair dose of my sustainability side thrown in there as well. Even after literally staring at this one dress for over a month on my laptop screen, I had to try it on twice before realising that I actually loved it on me. Moreover, that I had finally found the perfect Little Black Dress for my body type and style. I don’t need to tell you that it is the biggest wardrobe staple every lady needs. What many do need help on is finding the perfect LBD. One that will make you feel comfortable, confident and looking fabulous all year round. Here’s my tips on how I found the right Little Black dress:


Know yourself. What part of your figure do you love most? This is the area you want to emphasise so you’ll feel the most comfortable and confident. Love your legs? Then, don’t choose a maxi dress. Like your chest? Focus on the neckline. Personally I really love my whole figure so I wanted a tight fitting dress that would hug my curves and emphasise my small waist. Being an hourglass, I knew a peplum dress would work wonderfully with my figure and fit in with that ‘old-fashioned’ classic, preppy style I adore so much. It’s all about finding a balance between feeling great and not loosing yourself in the process.


Does it have potential? You want to be able to dress up or dress down the dress so it can suit every occasion. The reason why the LBD is known to be the most solid and popular wardrobe staple is for it’s diversity. Job interview, funeral, wedding, fancy night out, it should be a go-to for any last minute occasion along with every “I don’t know what to wear” moment that crosses every girls mind. Before purchasing that Little Black Dress you are eyeing up, try and place it in different environments. Can you imagine wearing it with heels and flats? A statement necklace or a simple dainty bracelet? If you find yourself answering with a solid no, then keeping searching.



Will it stand the tests of time? The perfect LBD should be a staple piece that is in style no matter the year or the style trends of the season. You don’t want to be buying the dress that is ‘so in fashion right now!’, because guess what, come next season you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. Stand back and picture yourself in five years, will you still wear it?


A major factor for me in purchasing any piece of clothing is quality. Even if this is not usually at the top of your list when buying items for your wardrobe, when it comes to a little black dress you should look at it as an investment. It’s supposed to be a piece of clothing that can hang in your wardrobe for years to come. The last thing you want is having it fall apart after a few wears or the colour fading from black to an unpleasant washed-out charcoal colour. It would be in your best interest to perhaps be willing to pay a little extra for your LBD and get one that is well-made. If that feels like you are setting your purse on fire then look at it this way; you should only be buying this once and getting countless wears out of it. If you buy a super cheap, poorly sewn black dress you’ll probably have to replace it quite quickly. So are you really spending more money in the long-run?



Remember your lifestyle. Think about the things you do on a daily basis that would require or work with a black dress. If you find yourself attending black-tie parties, choosing a fun, less elegant black dress probably isn’t the best idea. The point of the LBD is to actually wear it, you need to be realistic about the kinds of events and the formality your lifestyle demands and fit this wardrobe staple appropriately.

 The little black dress or the LBD is the wardrobe staple that can save any girl from a disastrous freak-out when she can’t find something to wear. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what style you’re into, whether it be preppy or Pastel Goth, a little black dress is a great foundation for any outfit and I believe anyone can gain from owning one.

Do you have a little black dress already?


Dress: Ted Baker Peplum Jersey Dress

Hat: Wedding Formal Hat (from charity store)

Purse: Firoelli Black White Purse

Heels:Laser Cut Heels

Necklace: Pearl Necklace

Earrings: Pearl Earrings