How to style a pair of dungarees

Once confined to the playground, the dungaree has evolved into a trend fashion-influencers and celebrities wear with utter style. Ironically, it took me an x number of years to get on the dungaree band-wagon. At the initial introduction, I raised my eyebrows with the letters ‘wtf’ written on my forehead and turned away from such a seemingly odd fashion trend. Farm girl or school child immediately entered my mind and I couldn’t see how I’d enjoy styling and wearing these bad boys.

Now lets get this straight, I’ve never been one to follow trends. Despite this, it can be quite difficult to ignore a mini fashion-movement when it’s being shoved in front of your eyes every time you blink. Somehow, I found this one trend growing on me and suddenly, it was feeding my fashion-inspiration. Calling out for me to be my usual creative self and give it a go. Alas, I jumped on that band-wagon and I fell pretty darn hard.

Through my mini discovery, I found that dungarees are incredibly versatile. They can easily be dressed up or down, catered to any personal-style one may possess and very comfortable. Despite this, at first glance it can seem like a tricky trend and requires a little trial and error. Here’s one way on how to style a pair of dungarees…

Start with your building block…

The most difficult part when it comes to styling a pair of dungarees is making a decision on what to actually wear underneath this piece of clothing. This is where the wearers knowledge on what makes them most confident comes into a solid consideration. Personally, I like to show off my waist when wearing a pair of dungarees. It works well with my hourglass figure and I rarely leave my waist bare when putting together any other outfit. Therefore, I often wear cropped tops or in this case a lace bralette. I also enjoy wearing airy blouses tucked into at the waist line if the weather is more unforgiven. The latter is a great combination for a work outfit.

If you want your chest to have more weight on it, wear a top with frills or intricate details on the neckline. If you love to rock the grunge look, simply throw on a graphic tee and tuck half of it in. It’s all about looking at what you love to wear with a regular pair of trousers or jeans and developing your style from there to cater to the dungaree trend.

Edge it up

How many times have I talked about the magic a hat brings to a look? Seriously, I’ve lost count but I will happily repeat myself once more. A hat adds a little edge to the dungaree trend and conveys a certain style or fashion movement if the foundation of your outfit is chosen well.

Styling a pair of dungarees is never finished until you’ve completed the look with a great accessory. Grab a bold bag to make a statement or a delicate diamond necklace to further dress-up your pair of dungarees. You could even colour your lips with a red lipstick for a seductive, foxy feel.

Add some height

Dungarees can often look too dressed-down. Whilst that can be great for someone that enjoys expressing themselves through casual fashion, the relaxed look usually leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Therefore, I love adding a pair of heels to a dungaree look. Not only does it instantly dress-up this seemingly casual clothing but it gives the look an unprecedented twist. Moreover, wearing a killer pair of heels is very empowering.

Decide if you want to dress-up or dress-down your dungarees and then chose a pair of shoes that cater towards your choice.

Dungarees can bring an effortlessly charming look to the streets and I encourage all my dear Wildlings to give them a go. Particularly as we are hitting the later months of the year and the leaves are starting to turn colour. This piece of clothing can be a great wardrobe staple for the autumnal season. Sure, it can be a bit of a head-scratcher when you are staring at a pair of dungarees and looking back and forth at the clothes hanging in your wardrobe. However, if you follow these three steps, it can become a fun way to express your creativity and fierce flare for fashion.

How do you style a pair of dungarees? 


Dungarees: Noisy May Dungarees with rips

Bralette: Lace Eyelash detail Bralette

Heels: Sam Edelman Ellie Laser Cut Heel (✕)

Hat: XOXO Snapback