Casual autumn trends for men and women

Summer is officially over and that means we are graced with a fresh batch of Autumnal trends for 2017. Although I do not condone following trends, I do think it can work as a great way of obtaining some fashion inspiration and also becoming aware of what types of clothing will be available in stores. From corduroy to feathers, the catwalk for this season has seen quite a compilation of styles that has had many reeling in shock. Nonetheless, high street fashion has toned these trends down and there is a wonderful arrangement of fashion for both men and women that offer a lot of flexibility.

I recently posted about my 5 wardrobe essentials for this season, however, I do little on casual fashion- as this is simply not my usual go-to style. Despite this, I found myself in the most laid-back, autumnal look last week and I felt


inspired to share my take on this style. Moreover, I thought it’d be great to talk about Menswear also, as this is something we have yet to delve into here on The Whimsical Wildling. Furthermore, I know a lot of my readers have influential male figures in their lives that they are looking to buy clothes for… or perhaps (seriously) help them develop their style.

Usually, my favourite Autumn shades involve aubergine, plums, reds and burgundies. However, to follow through with the theme of this post on delving into different fashions I usually don’t wear. I’ve chosen to wear more oranges, browns and different tones of Blue this year.

Without further ado, here are my top three casual Autumn trends for men and women… 


The military trend has really grabbed its hooks into the fashion world this year and with Balmain’s collection, its clear we aren’t going to see this fade for some time. Adding in a few army-inspired elements to an outfit can give it a trendy edge. Moreover, it offers a lot of diversity that can be catered to any mans personal style and preferences. Therefore this is a great trend to look at for some fashion inspiration. Here are three great Mens-Fashion items for Autumn that can work for any trend, including this years Military theme.

Button Down Shirts

The pure of ease of styling a button down shirt is almost laughable. They can come in handy for the days that call for polished or preppy and certainly have the ability to dress-up any outfit. However, the shirts’ talents don’t stop there. Dependent on the chosen bottoms, the classic button down can be transformed to style-savvy and give a twisted edgy feel to any outfit. They also offer little challenge when it comes to layering; throw on a knitted jumper and have the collar peeking out the top for a tasteful ensemble.


These are the type of trousers that every man should have in their wardrobe. Their incredible versatility to be dressed up or down offers a great go-to in times of any fashion-crisis. They add a good amount of texture to any look and with clothing manufacturers creating these bad boys in every colour under the rainbow, it’s assured that you can find a pair you love and will cater to your every whim. I recommend starting here as this will give you a great diverse list of high quality chinos. 

Faux Leather Boots

A personal favourite of mine; there’s something about some big, black boots on a guy that I find to be very appealing. They have the ability to give even the roughest of looks an essential sharpness. More importantly, they’ll likely go with most of the items hanging in your wardrobe. It’s recommended to keep the shoe laces loose as it’s a universal belief that they look much better this way. Investing in a high quality pair will ensure warmth and comfort for the chilly season and should see you through the next season also. 



I came the discovery last month that I have a serious love for embroidery that was totally subconscious and I somehow never picked up on it until now. You can imagine my excitement to find it filling up the streets this season. From elaborate floral stitching to phrases sewn onto shirts, embroidery is reaching new heights. The beauty of this trend is that it is produced in such a diversification that it’d be difficult not to find something that could cater to everyone’s styles. In this case, it can easily be incorporated into casual wear ,with a simple embroidered detail sewn on any of the three following trends.

Checks and Plaid

I love seeing an array of plaid prints come Autumn and this year is no exception. Neutral Plaids have fallen into this seasons fashion trends. In addition, Checks have followed through and this year, they’re available in a large amount of sizing. With Balenciaga and Stella McCartney, producing designs with small checks that are rather office-like and Chloé and Gucci, presenting a relaxed Nineties appeal, with flannel shirts and oversize lumberjack-inspired coats, they’re something for everyone. Moreover, the catwalk for Autumn/ Winter 2017 reveals the adaptability a check or plaid print can offer. 


Leggings don’t have the best reputation when it comes to looking chic, however, the can have the amazing ability of defying their tragic stereotype. Styled correctly, they can give a lady a wonderful casual look that is stylish and comfortable. For instance, pairing them with a plaid print gives a look that states ‘adorable autumn’, whilst throwing on some lace up heels and basic tee could give a ‘model off duty’ vibe. Throw on a pair of thigh high boots and a fancy top for a night out with the girls or an oversized sweater for your precious Netflix binge. All the while, looking cute and feeling comfortable. 

Ankle Boots

My holy grail for almost any outfit and the saviour of risking a casual outfit to look too laid-back, is the classic ankle boots. Bag yourself a pair of hard-wearing, well-made booties and you’ll be laughing for years to come. They’ll be that wardrobe-staple for almost any occasion and a particularly great choice for Autumn as they can be weather-appropriate and keep you looking super chic at the same time. I recommend looking for a pair that is durable and faux-leather. Buying with compassion is highly important and having your eyes narrowed on high quality craftsmanship will ensure your investment is worthwhile.

The long list of constant trends can be overwhelming and many can find themselves bewildered or lost. I believe it is very important to experiment and be open to discoveries when it comes to fashion in order to find ones personal style.

Focusing on a trend that intrigues you and applying this in your own, personal and creative way will ensure you have a wardrobe you love. As you can see from this post, I enjoy mixing lots of trends together to create my own unique spin on fashion. Thus, I love my outfit even when stepping out of my usual style and going for something entirely casual. Change the trends to fit you.

What are your favourite casual autumn wear trends?