Healthy Plain Pancakes | Vegan + GF

To pancake or not to pancake, that is never the question.

Ironically enough I will eat a pound of waffles like it’s nobody’s business but put a plate of pancakes in front of me and I really couldn’t be more interested. That was, until I went vegan and suddenly took quite a liking to them. Of course, this really comes as no surprise in the vegan world, as it is very common to no longer be a ‘fussy eater’ or like foods you never thought you would. After all, you are now eating what is natural for your body. (Unless you live off of Oreos.)

Being the creative, adventurous soul that I am, I took this new pancake-liking opportunity to the test, stole my mums amazing frying pan (yes, there are frying pans that beat all the rest!) and started making up my own cruelty free pancake recipes! This is my favourite plain pancake recipe that works as a great foundation to add your own flavours and toppings as you do so please. It’s moist, fresh and sweet. Moreover, as I prefer to stick to healthy recipes as much as possible, these pancakes are wonderful for your body. You can get that guilt-free pancake fix in a matter of minutes!



Cook Time: 20 Min 

Serves 2





● 100g Buckwheat flour

● 125ml Soy Milk

●  10g Chia seed

●  Light Cooking Spray

●  1 tbsp Apple Sauce

● 1 tsp Bicarbonated soda







1. Add all the ingredients, except the the cooking spray to a blender and pulse until a smooth consistency is made. If the mixture is looking too thick, add a little bit of milk until you have your desired batter.

2. Heat up a pan on high and spritz with cooking spray, then turn the pan down to low and wait a minute before pouring a small circle in the centre of the pan.

3. Once the batter is starting to form small bubbles, flip the pancake over to cook on the other side with a spatula.

4. Repeat the above step until all the batter has been cooked and enjoy your stack of healthy, cruelty free pancakes.

What pancake flavour would you like to see next?