How to style fishnet tights

It was my friends birthday on Halloween, which only meant that it was entirely appropriate and expected to go all out with the dressing-up. After all, there were two celebrations happening in one night. So, I pulled my hair into two ponytails sprayed the ends with black and red temporary hair dye and spent two hours perfecting my clown makeup look. Which, might I add, looked pretty darn awesome when finished. Whilst I danced the night away and thoroughly enjoyed being a crazy clown until the sun came up, I was left with a pair of fishnet tights in my wardrobe. It hadn’t crossed my mind with what I’d do with them after Halloween was over. I went through everything in my wardrobe, however, it only left me bewildered on how to make use of these tights again.

Once owned by punk, pin-up and grunge crowds, fishnet tights are no longer just for the alternative. It can be daunting to put on a pair of seemingly rebellious tights and style the piece effectively whilst still catering to your style. However, as with any trend or piece of clothing, its the wearer who decides how far down the rabbit hole they go. Here’s some tips on how to wear fishnet tights…

Keep it simple

Fishnet tights are a great statement piece, therefore, the last thing they need is to fight against a quirky patterned top, sparkly heels and bedazzled shorts. Keeping the rest of the outfit understated, will ensure the patterned tights are not overpowered and can speak to the world without trying to shout over the music.

Avoid looking like a hot mess and stick with more neutral or simple patterns. Think minimal when it comes to accessories and let the outfit speak for itself. Choosing a bold colour creates a good balance of loud yet simple, achieving a near-perfect contrast of concentrated fashion and great style.

Channel your inner rocker

Of course, this isn’t catered to everyones tastes, however, channeling a different sense of style you wouldn’t usually is a fun way to wear fishnets. In my case, I went for the classic rocker chic, piecing together this edgy tartan dress and diamond skull necklace I had, collecting dust in my jewellery box. Get creative with your makeup to further enhance the look you are striving for.

Perhaps do a little research on the history of fishnets and make a Pinterest board of your favourite fashion movement like the 50’s pin-up girl and create a look around your inspirational images.

Closed not open

In my personal opinion, tights and open shoes never make a great match. Moreover, fishnets and open toed shoes are just a big no-no. Opt for a slick pair of booties to keep everything looking more refined. I chose a pair of high heeled ankle boots to give that well-known illusion of my legs looking longer. This is a great way to draw even more attention to the fishnets and paired with the right sort of dress, or shorts, gives the tights a touch of class or femininity. Something like a little black dress would do the trick.

Add some edge

I pretty much live by the statement ‘a hat makes an outfit’. To elaborate, if you’re not quite feeling your look or think it needs a little something-something, throw a hat on and you’re good to go. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but these accessories just make the wearer look chic and put-together. They can add attitude or glamour or in this case the edginess your outfit was crying out for.

Don’t sweat the rips

It’s inevitable that at some point, your perfectly immaculate pair of fishnet tights will stretch, tear and rip. Sure, you can chuck the tights in the bin and replace them but that’s just going to start burning a whole through your wallet. Instead, simply embrace the rips and work with them. Grab a pair of scissors and add a few more tears into your tights so the one rip doesn’t look so out of place and sport a grunge look for the day. Even if its not your usual thing, go back to that second tip and channel something different for a while. After all, what’s fashion without a strong dose of self-expression?

How do you style fishnet tights?



Dress: Tartan Flare-out dress from charity store

Hat: Paperboy Hat

Shoes:  Sam Edelman Zoe High Heel Ankle Boots (✕)