A Wednesday Addams Life tutorial

Perhaps it is a little morbid to say, but there was a point in my life where Wednesday Addams was my icon. The cute pigtails and collared dresses contrasting with her deadpan behaviour and dark sense of humour was totally up my street. Furthermore, I know that I’m not the only one that fell unnervingly in love with this character and would happily pretend to be her for a little while. Why? Well, for starters she was completely unafraid to speak her mind and not once fell under the pressure to abide to societies rules or expectations of what a little girl should be.

To be clear, I’m talking about Christina Ricci’s portrayal of Wednesday in the two Addams Family movies of the early ’90s. The two movies portray a very eccentric world and lifestyle and the characters are charmingly odd. Personally, I wouldn’t state that Wednesday is “strange” she just doesn’t fit in with the bright perky colours of everyone else. Finally. Someone else who gets it!

With Halloween upon us, what better time is there to channel your inner Wednesday Addams?

Here’s my life tutorial on how to be like Wednesday Addams…

Monotone Mood

Forget how to smile. It’s really that simple. Your teeth are now in hiding, so don’t let them out!

Wednesday is never caught smiling- unless it calls for extremely, special circumstances where you are required to unsettle everyone around you. You’re never going to be authentic if you’re caught smiling and laughing with people. One of the brilliant things about Wednesday Addams is her stoic expressions and deadpan replies that are laced in sarcasm. She is not an affectionate child by any means and developing a dark sense of humour is essential.

Morticia: Wednesday’s at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind. 
Ellen: Boys? 
Wednesday: Homicide.

Funeral Garb

You must fill your closet with signature attire and this includes an array of black dresses with white collars. Wednesday is only a child and thus, to achieve authenticity, dressing provocatively isn’t going to cut it. You need to dress more conservatively and look as though you are attending a funeral.

For footwear, any vintage black shoes will work nicely. I chose some heeled, lace up booties that give off a Victorian gothic vibe which I think really compliments the character and feeling of the movies.

Finish off the look with a creepy-looking doll. I went for one with stripes as I feel this is very Addams Family-esque. This one has it’s head currently intact, just because I felt like playing nice…for now.

Remember that Wednesday is only 6 years old, so keep makeup minimal and natural.

Pursue your passions

Most of the time you should learn to control your enthusiasm and keep that monotone mood constant. However, there are certain rules to the thumb. These include; witnessing the sizzling effects of high voltage electricity upon the human body, worshipping your heroes such as your Great-Aunt Calpurnia and continuing your in-depth research on the Bermuda Triangle.


Upgrade to the Braid

What is Wednesday Addams without the infamous braid? In my eyes, the three strand hairstyle is her trademark and without it, it’s simply not Wednesday but some crazy, twisted little girl that needs serious help. Whatsmore, without that hairstyle you risk channelling Morticia, Wednesday’s mother, instead.

Start by splitting your hair into two parts. Grab one side and split this section into three parts. Now swap the left and right sections into the middle, alternating each time. Here is a demonstration for further help. If you are totally inept at braiding, simply buy a wig. It won’t be as luxurious as a wig made from the hair of Cousin Itt, but it’ll do.

Whether awake or asleep, keep the braids intact.

Wednesday embodies everything we wish we could stand for: hating everyone and meaning it, setting fires to buildings and establishments we can’t stand and never complying to any sort of authority. No, but seriously, she can teach us a lot about what it means to be independent and completely unapologetic for who you are. A trait, I believe to be very admirable and in this, a reason as to why she can make a great icon.

Now that you have all the knowledge on what it takes to be Wednesday Addams, go out and paint the town black.

Happy Halloween Wildlings!