She’s a symphony of stardust: 5 Ways to Shine From the Inside Out

Have you ever met someone that walks into a room and they instantly brighten up the place? They’re not some angelic god or have supermodel good looks but there’s just something magnetising or beautiful about them. You wonder what it is that makes them so appealing and how you can glow like that.

I remember constantly asking myself what it was that made someone radiate, to be in awe with them and naturally attracted to their presence. However, I never looked deep enough for the answers or asked myself about it enough. The irony here was that I was starting on my own journey of shining from the inside out. Before I knew it, I had my friends ‘drunkly’ tell me how shocked they were when they saw me after being away for a while and how much I was glowing. Initially, taken aback and perhaps much too modest for my own good, I shook my head and called them crazy. It was only a few weeks later, when I was being treat a little differently and things really started to sink in, that I came to a realisation. I had learned to love myself deeply, worked on my mental health and lost a ton of weight 

resulting in feeling beautiful on the inside and obtaining a profound amount of self-confidence. Somehow, I’d become one of those shining people and I was a little ‘starstruck’.

If a person is comfortable in their own skin and feels beautiful internally, this beauty is going to start projecting externally. It’s ironic that so many of us churn out a ton of cash to make ourselves beautiful on the outside instead of working on the inside. We all have flawless skin and cut-crease fluttery eye looks but we’re not focusing on our souls. Of course, looking great on the outside can have positive effects to the inside but it’s very limited. Contrary wise, if we work on our inner beauty, the outer will take care of itself. There’s nothing more beautiful than someone who exudes self-confidence and self-love. They glow with so much warmth they revert back to the very stars they once were . They appreciate the little things in life and this gratitude radiates from their soul.

Here are the five steps I took to shine from the inward out.


No one can believe in yourself better than you can. You are the only one who knows what you are capable of and the magic you can make. Sure, your family and friends might tell you that you’re a shining star and dish you a few compliments here and there but if you don’t believe it yourself, those words are pointless. Believing in yourself is vital for self-growth and most importantly, success. Self-belief eliminates self-doubt which can pray on your mind, constantly making you feel like a failure and as though you are never good enough.

Start by pushing yourself to do things that are out of your comfort zone and take in your inner strength each time you do this. Learn through each attempt that you are much stronger than you think and you are more capable of dealing with discomfort than you initially thought. Prove to yourself the greatness that swarms inside you and one day you’ll realise you were great all along you just failed to believe it.

Positive Self-talk

Constantly saying negative things to yourself is self-sabotage. If you sit there day by day and wallow in self-pity, your outer beauty will cast this out into the real world and everyone around you will undoubtedly notice. You may not realise how much but realising negative energy into the world does not go unnoticed.

Each morning, the moment you awaken, tell yourself something positive. It doesn’t have to be about yourself, it could be how lucky you are to wake up with a roof over your head, that you get to see a great group of friends today or that there is a chocolate covered doughnut sitting in the kitchen and you can already imagine how pleasurable the taste will be. Make this part of your daily routine until your positive affirmations start to become a natural part of your day. It may feel uncomfortable or strange at first but you must keep saying them until they start to ring true. You could even pick a phrase or two. As an example, my most common phrase is; “you are a strong, independent women that deserves good things and you were born to shine.”

If you are finding it difficult to alter your mindset wear something that can remind you to think positively. For example, Happiness Boutique believes in spreading positivity and curating good vibes always. They create beautiful jewellery that act as physical objects to remind the wearer of all the beautiful things to be appreciated. This is an effective option for helping you to practice positive self-talk and bringing  an object of happiness with you wherever you may go. I wear mine often and it instantly sparks up my day and helps me shine my brightest.

Find your own positive phrases or wear your happy reminders and watch how they shift your soul.

Self- Acceptance

I can not stress the utter importance of accepting yourself for it gives you the power to let go of the pressures society lays on all of us to strive for impossible perfections.

Celebrate your strengths and understand that there are good and bad traits in very human being. Learn to accept your flaws just as you have your strengths as without both, you wouldn’t be you! Let go of the person you think you should be and come to terms with the person that you are. No one judges you more than you judge yourself so be kind to yourself.

Beautiful people have had to jump obstacles and overcome struggles, they haven’t just been born that way. These people use their hardships to better themselves and using it to become the person they want to be. They are the ones that find a way to fight the darkness that threatens to take over the souls and build a light switch that can’t be turned off.

Self – Forgiveness

Holding onto your past and any issues you may have forms a powerful negative energy that ultimately defines you. It seeps through your skin and taints your outer beauty just as it has with your inner. When you hold onto the past, you allow anger and resentment to control you. This results in never being able to obtain any positive energy. Read my advice on finding inner peace to reach true beauty that stems from within.

Self – Love

Without a doubt the most important step in shining from the inside out. Self-love is true appreciation for everything you are- both strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you are feeding your body with nutritious foods and lots of water and balancing your life with a good workout schedule. When you give your body what it deserves and needs, it will reward you with lots of energy and positive realisations that you are quite incredible. Surround yourself with good people that will contribute to your self-growth because you understand your own self-worth. Make sure you are mindful of who you are and are aware of what it is you need, think and feel instead of letting others decide for you. This is not a practice of self-love.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone for we can all find someone that’s smarter or more conventionally attractive but this is only through a warped sense of perception for you are allowing that negative energy to seep through once more. Furthermore, you are forgetting everything that makes you so great.

It is not grey hair and wrinkles that make us unattractive but the goodness of our hearts, the greatness of our minds and the attitudes we practice that determine our true beauty. If your inner and outer are not in harmony with one another your outer beauty will always seem transparent and artificial and you will never truly shine.

“One night when you were just a star, someone hung every hope, every wish, every dream, they ever had from your limbs, so if you ever feel inferior, ever start to doubt your beauty or brilliance just remember: you have constellations lining the cathedral walls of your chest, a moon for a heart and the sunlight pouring through your skin, you are a symphony of stardust and you were born to shine.”


~ Tyler Kent White

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