How to choose a classic trench coat

Perhaps it’s a little bold to say, but I believe that every lady should have a trench coat hanging in their wardrobe. They’re chic, timeless and universally flattering. This is a piece that will last you year in and year out and is the perfect go-to for the time of season transitions.

Regardless of what you’re wearing underneath, a trench will always be a classic topper. As a 1950’s vintage style lover, I love feeling like Brigitte Bardot or some glamorous lady out of an old, classical movie. Ironic in it’s initial purpose to be designed for military combat, this piece is now considered a gender- neutral classic fashion staple. However, simply throwing on any old trench, won’t instantly abide to timeless fashion. Like any wardrobe staple, the trench coat should be considered as an investment. To be clear when I speak of this term, I am implying that you will never have to purchase another trench. I always live by the rule of quality over quantity. To apply this in fashion-idiom, I find it is in a ladies best interest to purchase well-made, long-lasting, timeless pieces over quick-fix fashion. Why buy a cheap top that you like,  only to throw it out in a years time, either because it’s already worn out or it’s no longer ‘in trend’? This is why I see clothes as an acquisition and the trench is no exception.

Here is how to find the perfect timeless trench for you…


Due to it’s everlasting popularity, the classic trench is just one of many. Trenches can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From short to ankle grazers, the amount of options available can feel overwhelming. This is why it is always great to know your style and what parts of your body you love to enhance. For instance, women with petite frames would find it better to avoid long trench coats; otherwise, the coat dominates their whole look and results in overshadowing the wearer. A thigh-length trench can work nicely to highlight natural curves. For a safe option, look at lengths that hit at or just above the knee as this is flattering for most body types. The latter can also work nicely as a starting point, as you can start critiquing the silhouette of the trench and what needs to be changed.

Single Breast


Double breast

Whilst the length and overall silhouette is an important to consider when searching for your perfect trench coat, this is not the only thing to think about when it comes to shape. A double-breasted trench, particularly when belted, works nicely to enhance the wearers curves and add definition to women with less curvy figures. In contrast, the single breasted trench works wonderfully for women with a larger bust as this will ensure a better fit.


Taking note of the different fabrics is an important factor that will be chosen under the wearers environment. A classic trench is usually made from cotton or poplin. However, in time, clothing manufactures have diversified the type of fabrics the type of fabrics used to create this iconic garment. If you are a english lady like myself then you absolutely need a waterproofed trench. This also goes for anyone in cold, snowy climates.

When I was choosing my perfect trench, I wanted something that didn’t crease easily as I travel up and down the country and sometimes it get’s bundled up in my suitcase. Therefore, I knew i needed a synthetic material that will not wrinkle as easily as cotton. Thus, I searched for a polyester trench. Similarly, your style should also be considered as well as practicality when looking at the fabric choices. If you like things that are a bit more edgy- zone in on the faux leather trenches that are available in stores.

Whatever needs your trench must cater to, ensure that you do are still buying with compassion. There are plenty of great, high quality trenches that do not abide to animal cruelty. I.e. Wool, leather, fur.


 Just like fabric, over time the trench has been created in a every colour under the rainbow and then some! The two factors to look at and help you determine what colour you should look at is your style and skin tone. My personal style involves a focus on classic pieces that I can wear with almost any outfit I already have hanging in my wardrobe. Therefore, I knew I wanted a neutral trench, I also found that I just gravitated towards beige-toned coats over any of the others. However, I didn’t want this to be plain or feeling safe and boring. Consequently, I looked into one of my favourite brands- Ted Baker- as I knew they always had the most incredible prints lined to their outerwear pieces. Combined with the stitching details this particular trench coat had, I knew I had found my perfect trench.



The buzz kill of any fashion lover. Sometimes, you fall in love with a piece of clothing but your budget just doesn’t agree. I was very fortunate that I already knew I wanted a designer trench that I could invest in and for this reason, I spent some time saving up before beginning my search. Its always good to give yourself a price estimation- be completely realistic with this!- and do not tempt yourself by looking above your chosen figure.

It’s worth noting that an investment fashion-piece doesn’t require a pocket full of money. I have had expensive clothes that have fallen apart in a matter of minutes, similarly, I’ve also had cheap clothes that have barely lasted any time at all. On the other hand, I’ve purchased designer items that have seen me through the last five or so years accompanied with cheap, high street items. From my experience, the price tag doesn’t mean much when it comes to durability. However, if you follow the above steps with a particular focus on the material and brand reviews, you’ll avoid disappointment.

After proving their mettle as a vital garment for British officers, the iconic trench coat wiggled its way into the fashion world and has now became a necessary addition to every woman’s wardrobe. Trench coats will not only protect the wearer from the elements, but will prove chic and fashionable whatever the season, environment or wearers personality. Although the classic trench coat can be an amazing choice, a patterned or bold option can be as equally wonderful, bringing substance to even the dullest of outfits. I believe it is in every ladies best interest to consider the various styles, fits and colours to find a trench coat that complements and enhances her shape without being overpowering. For the trench has the potential to be the piece in a woman’s wardrobe that promises to be her best friend and confidant in urgent times of need and actually delivers. That is, if you use this list to ensure you make the best choice!

Do you have a trench coat in your wardrobe?