My top ten cruelty-free beauty products of 2017

I can’t quite believe that Christmas Eve is here and we’ll soon be waving goodbye to 2017. Since going Vegan in April last year, I’ve been on an ongoing hunt for finding amazing cruelty free beauty products and to say that I’ve tried a few would be the understatement of the year. I’ve tried terrible products that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone and then I’ve tried amazing products that I’m positive were crafted from angels. It was difficult to narrow all the wonderful cruelty free products I’ve loved this year into a mere ten, however, after a lot of thought I managed to do it! Here are my top ten ultimate favourite beauty products of 2017…






Charlotte Tilbury Wonder glow Primer

Behind every good foundation is a great primer. In my opinion it’s the Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow primer that takes the gold.

As someone who suffers from dry skin, I often find whatever foundation I use will, to some degree, find the product cakes by the end of the day. Despite, discovering the ultimate foundation for my complexion, a primer is still necessary. What sets this product apart from others is the hydrating elements in the primer that gives my skin a healthy glow and reduces any foundation caking considerably. Furthermore, this leaves my skin feeling and look amazing after wear, which is an incredible bonus! I am also aware that this is a popular product with mature women and thus, I’ll most likely be using this baby in my older years too.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

The moment Kat Von D announced they were going vegan was an uplifting moment. You bet that I went crazy with their products and hoarded a fair few. Not only because they are completely cruelty free but because the quality really is there, also. I was over the moon when I finally tried out their tattoo liquid liner and found that it actually does live up to the hype. It really is the magic wand of makeup and for someone that adores doing cat eyes like no tomorrow, this product is literally a godsend.

A pen liquid liner is always recommended for beginners as it is the easiest to use, however, even as a long time liner lass I still prefer pen liner products over others on the market, as it offers the best in terms of hygiene and shelf life. The fine tip glides across lids in silky, smooth strokes for effortless, precise application. In addition, the consistency is highly pigmented resulting in long lasting bulletproof lines every time. What more could I ask for? Check out this post for an example of how the liner looks in all its glory.





Feeling Younger Lush Skin Tint

When I was in London for my birthday this summer, Tabitha was adamant we had to go to Lush. All I can say is that I’m very grateful she wanted to visit because I discovered the most incredible makeup product I’ve yet to lay my eyes on.

The Feeling Younger Skin Tint offers the most amazing glow. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is the holy grail of all highlighters. Most of the time, I love to use this product as a simple highlighter on my nose, cupids bow, inner tear duct and high cheek bones. However, If I’m wanting to channel an ethereal look, I’ll apply it after my primer and under my foundation. The product stays on all day and with it’s high pigmentation, you need the smallest of amounts. Thus it will last a long time even though the quantity can seem minimal at first.

This product puts all other highlighters to shame and I really shouldn’t be surprised as Lush products usually take the cake in comparison to other beauty brands.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

One of the reasons why I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup products so much is due to the simple fact that the application is always so smooth and light. It always feel’s like you’re putting nothing on, yet the results are always otherworldly. I had originally thought the full fat lashes mascara was an unbeatable product. That was until the Legendary Lashes Mascara was released and then there was no looking back. I’ve always been a lover of mascara over any other makeup product so naturally I’ve tried out countless products in the search of what I think is the top one. This mascara is out beats any other I have tried in the past. It gives you full voluminous, stark black lashes that have an incredible intensity to them and does not budge all day. I don’t like using false lashes and although we do occasionally use them for shooting, most of the posts I publish on The Whimsical Wildling contain a simple coat of this product on my lashes. Here is a good example of how the mascara can look. Amazing right?




Liz Earle Perfume No. 20

I’d like to think I’m not the only that has been on an endless search to find a perfume that ticks all the boxes. Somehow after literally three years of looking I finally found the Liz Earle No.20 perfume through a tester my mother had gotten in a purchase, ironically enough, and it was the biggest sigh of relief I’d taken. (after my final hand in of uni, of course.)

My list for the perfect perfume was pretty simple: It has to smell amazing with no links to that ‘grandma’ scent we all know and love. Check. Not tested on animals. Big Check. Lasting scent. Check. Does not smell overpowering. Check. Beautiful design, ideal but not necessary. Bonus Check. 

I’ve finally found the perfume for me and I am hooked!

Illamasqua Extinct in Go Nude

Charlotte Tilbury is known for the incredible lip products sold and with the quality being so high, I honestly didn’t think there would be another product on the market that would be so comparable. However, I stumbled on cruelty free makeup brand Illamasqua and their growing range of vegan products. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of products and chose to try out some of their items,  one of which was their nude lip kit. Each kit contains a Colouring Pencil, Glamour Lipstick and Lip Lure and I found that I loved all of these lip products just as much as the Charlotte Tilbury ones. If bought separately, the three products reach the cost of £55 but when buying the trio together in beautiful packaging, it is only priced up at £40. That works out that you’re almost getting your lip liner for free which is why I chose to try out their lip products through the kit instead.

I went for the nude lip shades as I love a neutral everyday lip that makes me feel put together and offers a balance of classic sophistication and natural finesque. The lip liner is multifunctional and works great independently for a matte lip or layered underneath the other products for a defined pout hat also tackles bleeding. As for the lipstick, it adds extra intensity and lasts all day. The first time I wore this lipstick on top of the lip liner I was astounded to find that it was almost immaculate once nightfall came and I was taking my makeup off for bedtime. The lipgloss enhances the lip even further and adds a three dimensional look over the satin finish of the lipstick. As you can see, it’s no wonder why these three babies made it on my favourites list this year.






Illamasqua Foundation

My perfect foundation has to feel light and airy upon application, gives good coverage that still gives a natural finish and works well with my dry skin type. The Illamasqua skin base foundation does exactly this and a little more. The texture is creamy and blends nicely into the skin with out over-drying the skin. The formula is vitamin-rich and buildable which is great for any areas that you desire extra coverage. I use the shade SB 04 and find it matches my skin tone, perfectly.

My favourite feature with this product is that my skin always feel soft and hydrated upon removal. Moreover, it gives me a wonderful base for the rest of my makeup look.


The Comforter Shower Cream

My friends got me the Lush Comforter shower cream for my birthday and I was instantly hooked. It’s without a doubt my favourite shower cream. Although it has a runnier consistency than most shower creams, it cleans just as well with the added bonus of making your skin look pink when washing! The scent exudes the most divine blackcurrant aroma and true to it’s name brings to mind warm, comforting memories. As an added bonus, the cream contains almond oil that is wonderful for hydrating skin.



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Do you have any cruelty free beauty favourites of this year?