My 5 wardrobe essentials for winter

There is no greater challenge than putting a cute outfit together that caters to all your style savvy needs and will protect you from the harsh winter weather. As a born and bred northern girl, the winters I personally experience are known to be unforgiving. This can result in dumping all my love for fashion into the snow and excessively layering to the point that my outfit is looking rather atrocious. Thankfully, I found a way to avoid this by carefully planning a list of winter wardrobe essentials. This results in a stress-free morning when I’m picking out my outfit of the day. Here are my top five winter wardrobe essentials..

Pom Pom Bobble hat


If I spot anyone outside without a hat on at this time of the year I instantly think they’re crazy. Nothing keeps me warmer in the winter than a knitted hat and I will happily choose it over any other winter accessory. If it has a fuzzy pom pom on the end then even better. Moreover, if that pom pom is two-tone, then blow me over and tell me where the checkout is!

I often find, it’s easier to delve into outfits looking a little more masculine when you’re layering your clothes for the chilly weather. Therefore, I opted for a light coloured hat, to soften any outfit I may wear this winter and make me feel a little more feminine and girly.

Faux Fur Pom Hat


A perfect Winter Coat


I cannot begin to tell you how many winter jackets I’ve went through over the past few years. Each year I leave it far too late to purchase a piece of outerwear that is going to protect me from the elements and caters for my personal style also. This results in a quick, cheap purchase of a garment I merely think is ‘ok’ only to be even more disappointed when the item only lasts me one season and will not see me through to the next winter due to poor quality. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I found the perfect winter coat for my style preferences. Equally, I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

The design itself screams classy chic- my absolute favourite in the fashion world. Additionally, the beautiful beige tone further enhances the classy touch and thus, I have a timeless piece for my capsule wardrobe, which I’m slowly building.

Ironically, fur never really appeals to me. As a vegan I am not against wearing faux fur as this reveals there are wonderful, cruelty free options available. For me, it is simply down to personal preferences. Despite this, I found myself loving the fur collar of this coat as it has been applied in a very tasteful way that achieves a refined sense of glamour. An added bonus, is that it keeps me feeling extra warm and snug! It’s worth mentioning that this jacket is technically designed not to have pockets, but this is a total deal breaker for me. I noticed that the pockets had been inserted but were sewn up so I got my trusty unpicker out to give me the perfect winter coat.

Skater Coat with faux fur collar


Coated Jeggings


A pair of thick coated trousers is a great wardrobe staple for winter; it’s a piece that can always come in handy. Like my choice in boots, a black pair is a better choice. I also love wearing coated denim as this adds a modern edge to a typically simply piece and works wonderfully for this time of the year as it reflects the christmas lights. Of course, all my jeans must be high waisted and this baby is no exception. Furthermore, jeggings are appropriate over jeans as they offer more flexibility especially if you get them wet from the snow!

High waist denim jeggings in black coated






A Sparkly Jumper


I’m not a big christmas sweater fan. No, I’m certainly not a scrooge but festive jumpers with cheesy punch lines or jingling bells sewn on accompanied with christmas lights all feels a little tacky to me. I personally prefer a beautiful flat printed jumper that discreetly twinkles under the christmas lights and feels simply magical to wear. This Ted Baker jumper does exactly this.

Although the winters where I live are usually in the minuses, I find I still heat up quite quickly so need a thinner, more breathable fabric. In a more superficial sense, I have a curvy body shape, so thick jumpers don’t do much for me. Therefore, I prefer thin, tightly knitted jumpers which I can tuck into a pair of high waisted bottoms.

Ted Baker Trishi Sparkling Swan Jumper

Black Booties

A pair of winter boots is a an absolute must when it comes to the cold weather. Particularly for someone like myself who has fairly weak feet, investing in some shoes that is guaranteed to protect my little toes is very important. The problem lies in my utterly picky fashion sense. Finding a pair of winter boots I actually like is comparable to looking for a needle in a haystack. As mentioned above, I love timeless fashion and take my inspiration from the classy ladies of the 50’s and 60’s. Flat winter boots don’t really go well with this.

Despite this, I was fortunate enough to stumble across a lovely embroidered pair and although they don’t exactly cater towards my adoration for timeless classics, they do have a victorian feel to them which really appeals to me. Furthermore, they’re black which will instantly match most of the clothes in my wardrobe, instigating the slow-fashion I aspire towards. I highly recommend purchasing your winter shoes from Deichmanns, as I have here as for a small, additional charge they will waterproof your shoes for you.

Star Collection Lace up Boots

When December rolls around and the weather drops dramatically it can leave fashion enthusiasts a little stunned. The winter season can feel long and the decision what to wear each morning, even longer. Creating a small section of wardrobe staples for the season is an investment worth having. Not only does it give you more space in your mind to focus on more important things but also a constant reassurance that you are going to feel and look your best when Jack Frost visits.

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What are your winter wardrobe essentials?

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