Feeling the buzz: how to tackle the bee trend

Forget the cute and cuddly animals in your Instagram feed. Fashion’s latest creature of choice comes with a sting in its tail and leaves a buzz in the air.

If you’re an active reader then you’ll be aware that I have an uncontrollable obsession with bees the past few months. I never took to the pug or crazy cat trend- even though I’m an avid animal lover- they simply didn’t appeal to me much. However, this buzzy trend of bumbling bees is definitely something I can get on board with. Although I’m not one to follow many trends as I like to walk to the beat of my own drum, when there is a trend I actually adore you can bet I’ll be talking everyones ear off about it. With this being my third outfit already on The Whimsical Wildling I thought it finally deserved a special post dedicated to this sweet little insect.

The bumble bee trend has come out on top, spreading its wings and decorating everything from printed shirts to embellished handbags, if you can wear it you can bet there’s a bee on it! This can be quite overwhelming however, but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered with all the styling tips on how to wear the bee trend so you no longer have to wing it.

Print it

Nothing makes a buzzing statement like covering yourself in bees! If you’re as crazy about this trend as I am, then why not go all out and wear a garment with a repeat dot print. Find an item that will be the center piece of your whole look and style it with simple accessories. If you have a luscious black printed blouse, match it with a pair of coated jeans or make a big statement and opt for a high waisted yellow skirt for the ultimate bee popping look!

Perhaps a little boring, I chose to style my bee printed dress with a pair of plain black tights and boots as I wanted all the focus on to be on the bee print of the dress and more importantly the hat I designed. It’s all about finding a balance so as to not make the outfit look too over bearing. Unless that’s your thing, then go all out girl!



The bee trend looks incredible as embellishments and adds a sophisticated touch to your look. You may have seen my bee embellished black booties that I adore in previous posts. It’s quickly became one of my favourite wardrobe pieces as it offers the perfect balance between classic glamour and whimsical finesse. If you feel like splurging, Ted Baker have a beautiful evening bag, that would make a great match with the booties or as an elegant finish to a darling outfit.


Little details

If embellishments are too ‘bling-bling’ for you, Olivia Burton have a whole collection on bumble bees that could make a tasteful addition to your outfit. In addition, you may or may not have noticed the cute bee earrings I’m wearing in this shoot. They’re charmingly small and thus are another lovely option for the discrete bumblebee fans.

However, jewellery isn’t the only way you can discreetly add in some bees. Placement designs are a great option also. I have an insatiable love for all things embroidery. The only thing better than embroidered fashion is when that embroidery is an adorable little animal or in this case a cute bug. If that also happens to be placed on a collar then I’m practically dead. This fashion element adds a playful touch to any outfit and brings forth lots of cute girlish vibes. You can tuck your bee collared blouse into a button up skirt as I’ve done here or wear it underneath a pinafore as I’ve demonstrated here

Hat it

If wearing a full blown bee outfit is just not your cup of tea and you’re not much of a jewellery girl, then choosing an inspired accessory such as the snapback that I’m sporting here, is another option. This hat is actually my very own design that I wanted to share with you all as I’m incredibly excited to have finally mustered up the courage to chase my dreams and open up my own shop! This is a great item to invest in if you prefer to wear fashion pieces that aren’t as popular. Searching for trend inspired items online through independent stores offers the assurance that when you walk out of your front door, no one else around you is going to be wearing the same thing.


Hat: Astro Bee Embroidered Snapback

Dress: Bumble Bee Embroidered Cami Mini Dress

Booties: Black lace up gold eyelet boots

Earrings: Diamonique 0.3ct bee earrings 

Like every trend it’s understanding your own personal preferences and what you feel best in and then applying this to a craze you’re totally digging. It is always in your best interest to make sure you’re not losing yourself in the process and with the diversity this particular trend has taken on, you can ensure you’re staying true to yourself and your style. Now that you know the different ways to fly with the bee trend you too can be a part of the hive.

What are your thoughts on the bee trend?

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