Healthy Blueberry and Chocolate chip pancake recipe | Vegan

There are times when I personally crave a bit of chocolate in the morning but it can be a little much scoffing down a chocolate bar straight after waking up. For this reason, I chose to curate a delicious healthy pancake recipe that can satisfy my sweet tooth and is a great way to start the day. Honestly, indulging in this simple and tasty breakfast will instantly put a smile on your face.

I used a banana as an egg replacement but if you really hate the fruit or have allergies a table spoon of apple sauce or two chia eggs will work just as well.  I also threw in some blueberries for extra nutrients and added sweetness so you’re not wanting to throw in a thousand packs of chocolate chips. Believe me, you may be tempted!

This recipe is easy to make for a weekend morning treat, or try them for Pancake Day. Whatever the occasion, these babies will be gone in seconds, so make sure you’ve hidden a batch away from greedy hands!

Cook Time: 15 Min 

Makes 4 – 5 pancakes (recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, etc.)






● 50g Self raising flour


● 150 ml almond Milk (use more if batter is too thick)


●  Light Cooking Spray


●  1 medium banana


● 1 tsp Bicarbonated soda


● 30g Dark Chocolate chips


● 50g blueberries




1. Add the flour,milk and Bicarbonated soda to a blender and pulse until a smooth consistency is made. You’re looking for a fairly runny batter that still pours slowly and has some thickness too it. Now add the chocolate chips and blueberries to the pancake mixture and pulse twice to combine everything.

2. Heat up a pan on high and spritz with cooking spray, then turn the pan down to low and wait a minute before pouring a small circle in the centre of the pan.

3. Once the batter is starting to form small bubbles, flip the pancake over to cook on the other side with a spatula.

4. Repeat the above steps (2 and 3) until all the batter has been cooked and enjoy your stack of healthy, cruelty free pancakes! I topped mine with more chocolate chips and blueberries.

Have you tried this delicious combination?