How to wear yellow: tips for making the trickiest colour work for you

Hold up, you need some sunshine in your wardrobe.

If any you are a consistent reader of my blog, you may have already picked up on my love for black and white. I wear it, I design it and I live it. It’s not because black and white is comfortable or something I view as safe but simply due to the fact that I just never grow tired of monochrome. Despite all of this, I came to this unprecedented realisation that it can feel and look a little boring from time to time. Moreover, I should embrace a little more colour whilst I’m still young and express my youth and fun-loving nature through what I wear.

One of my goals for 2018 is to stop wearing so much black and white and experiment more with colour in my wardrobe as well as other areas of my life that are looking a little achromatic. To put it simply, I’ve been craving a little something different and wanted to explore new areas I have yet to enquire. I’m not someone that eases herself into anything so when I made this concrete decision, of course, I chose to begin with the most challenging

colour to wear. Yellow.

Yellow is usually to blame for making people look ‘sickly’ or ‘washed out’ and is the one colour that gets bashed the most. Poor yellow, what has it ever really done to us? The truth is that it is a total myth certain people should steer clear of particular colours when it comes to fashion. I think that everyone should just wear what ever they bloody want. However, I understand that we all just want to feel out best and sometimes our confidence can be affected in what we wear. Therefore, it’s important to style and choose outfits that are going to make you feel like your best self. Perhaps that entails the desire to upscale your wardrobe a bit, as I have done here, or you’ve always wanted to wear a spot of yellow but been told that you can’t for whatever ridiculous reason. I’m sorry to tell you, dear Wildling, that this is all one giant myth. You can wear the colour yellow and here are my tips on how to tackle the trickiest of colours like a boss!

Chose the shade that compliments you

Colour can be like satan in disguise, (sometimes) particularly when it comes to wear. It’s a standard perception, that one can stand to win some serious style points by giving colours outside their comfort zone a go, but understanding and discovering the hues that work with your complexion is often easier said than done – with such a kaleidoscopic spectrum of shades on offer, it’s no wonder that in a sea of people swimming through the streets, the only colour you can spot is the pretty painted houses. Despite popular belief, any colour can work great for anyone, the secret is finding the correct tones and shades that’s right for your skin tone. Book up with this information I’ve collected for you on the perfect yellow shades guaranteed to make you glow.

Fair skin tone– If you have fairer complexion or reddish tones in your skin, rich yellows are going to be your best bet. Light yellows are most likely going to wash you out- although pastel yellow could work for your complexion it’s a little risky, so start off with mustard and dark yellows instead. I fall into this category and am wearing a mustard yellow shade.

Olive skin tone– For the Wild-hearts with the medium complexions, opt for bright and vibrant yellows as they are guaranteed to make you glow! Trying looking for yellow clothing that is more on the warmer side with orange undertones as this will flatter the golden undertones in your skin.

Dark Skin tone– If you fall into this category, you’re the luckiest of us all! Almost any shade of yellow will compliment your complexion. I would recommend trying out the brighter yellows as no one will be able to pull it off quite like you and the contrast between the bright clothing and your dark skin will have all the heads turning your way. Just remember to make sure the colour doesn’t completely overpower you so style your accessories in neutral shades.



Go back to basics


When you’re trying out a new colour and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with some styling experimentation, going back to the basics helps you ease into your exploration. As you can see I went with a simple knitted jumper that is effortless to style. Of course, in pure whimsical wildling fashion, I had to choose something that had a little touch of playfulness to it and the scallop hem is a perfect option. It also reminds me of a sunflower and I’m all for resembling summers favourite flower.

Try selecting one yellow piece and pairing this with monochrome or neutrals to not feel so overwhelmed and play it a little ‘safe’. I styled my piece with all black as this is what I love wearing and thought that the thigh high boots would upscale the outfit from looking too plain. I also added in a corset-style black belt around my waist to pull the jumper in as it was a tad oversized, in order to bring back some of my shape.

If you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and think it’s going to be totally obvious, throw on a hat. You’ll instantly look put together and totally trendy. Trust me, never underestimate the power of the hat!


Start off small


For many, the thought of looking like a ray of sunshine can seem too much and even if you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, wearing yellow as I have done, may not quite be your thing. Or it could very well be that you like to ease yourself into things. Thus, why not start of small with some little hints of yellow instead?

Look for a cute pair of booties to wear with a white summer dress or opt for a pair of killer heels and a matching clutch for a night out. You could even start off smaller than that with a pair of gold earrings or a golden highlighter to give you the most incredible goddess glow! For the latter, I highly recommend the Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand that gives the most amazing glossy, luminous finish as you can see on me, in one of my spring posts from last year.



The great thing about yellow is that it pairs well with other fun colours like blue, pink, and purple. The contrast will make such a stunning statement and instantly give off the vibe that you’re a fashion pro. I hope my styling tips were helpful as I wouldn’t want you to miss out on wearing this fresh and glowing colour! Try it out and watch as your spirits suddenly soar and a smile graces your face.


Jumper: Yellow Scallop Hem Jumper

Boots: Public Desire Olivia Tie Back Heeled Thigh High Boots

Belt: Corset Tie Belt

Trousers: Ted Baker Leggings

Hat: ASOS Skinny Band Felt Floppy Hat

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