Chic rainy day pieces you’ll actually want to wear

Spring is slowly rolling in and you can bet I am sitting on the edge of my seat in full anticipation of welcoming my favourite season. Whilst I am so excited for the streets to be covered in a soft blanket of cherry blossom and watching all the little bunnies scurry across the forest floor, I am very aware of how many more rainy days England will be graced with. Although rainy days equal a sweet lullaby and beautiful rainbows, it also means frizzy, bad hair days and ruined outfits.

When the weather turns grey, our immediate inclination is to cancel our plans. This includes fashion as no one wants to spend valuable time, getting ready and making an effort, only to look comparable to that very questionable thing you pulled out of your drain yesterday. The weather is so common, especially if you’re a British girl like myself, and yet almost everyone around me allow it to ruin their day and outfit plans. Well, I think it’s more than time to wash that off our hands and start embracing the stormy weathers. Here’s how to put a bit of whimsical finesse back into your rainy day outfits with these perfectly appropriate pieces…


A coloured Trench


The best fashion advice for dressing yourself on a grey day is to wear a pop of colour. When the sky’s are clouded over and the suns’ concealed, your mood might hide too. What better way to brighten it back up again than by adding a bold colour to your outfit?

The trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple for so many reasons but spring is precisely the time to invest in one. The trench will be your best friend, always promising to keep you stylishly dry and proving it’s worth with every raindrop. Moreover, it’s association to timeless fashion ensure that it is highly difficult to go wrong when opting for colour over neutral. If you feel a little out of your depth choosing what colour to go for, consider your hair colour and complexion; for dark hair and complexion choose the deeper shades such as navy, burgundy and violet. For the wildlings with a fair complexion and light hair, the pastel shades are best; baby pink, sky blue and light yellow. If you’re somewhere in between like myself, with dark hair but very fair skin, you may be able to get away with choosing either or. I love a bit of purple here and there so unabashedly went with a plum colour, moreover, it co-ordinates with the dress nicely.

Adding a pop of colour that makes an elegant statement is a great way to bring some life back into those rainy days and a trench coat adds style, grace, and sophistication to any outfit. Need I say anymore?

Stradivarius Classic Mac Trench

Waterproof Booties


If you haven’t gotten the gist already, I’m not much of a winter boot lover. I’ve always been very fussy when it comes to shoe shopping but if its a specific winter/ waterproof boot search, then you’re in for a full day of me hating on everything. This is solely how I loose friends. (Not really, well maybe.) To put it simply, I love classic feminine fashion and this type of boot doesn’t quite fit in to this category. Ironically, I purchased some embroidered boots, that whilst I really did like, I didn’t love to death- which is what I go for when I’m shopping for any fashion item. Then, a few weeks later I stumbled upon these beauties in Tesco of all places. It was a great lesson not to be so narrow minded and keep an eye out wherever you go because you just don’t know if there’s a rainbow waiting for you, right around the corner. Or in this case, a cute pair of grey lace up booties.

F&F Lace-Up Ankle Boots




A flirty Dress


I understand that a lot of Wildlings are shaking their head at me right now because wearing a dress seems like a huge no-go. However, if you style the piece appropriately, theres no reason why you can’t flaunt yourself in a sweet, little dress when it’s raining

Sometimes adding a pair of boots can make me feel a little more masculine, therefore, I always like to balance my look out by adding a more feminine piece. Thankfully, this Ted Baker dress does just the trick! The soft blue shade tones down the jacket and gives off a perfect polished look. Further enhanced by the above-knee fit and pleated skirt which adds a flirtatious, whimsy vibe.

I always love adding in ribbons to my look and the fact that this dress already has one is a huge bonus! With a cute bow tied around the pleated bib collar, this garment embodies a ladylike flair that takes any look to new heights.

Ted Baker Miyya Pleated Bib Dress

 A Cute Umbrella


I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that there is a thin line between adorably, chic umbrellas and very unappealing ones. I know that an umbrella is incredibly obvious when we talk about rainy day outfits, but I fail to see many make an appearance come the downpour. I think I understand why. Despite that they can be totally useless when the clouds start blowing and they leave you with one hand, they can add some serious chicness to your look. An umbrella doesn’t just have to be a rainy day essential. Choosing a cute brolly in your favourite colour or pattern will lift your spirits even in the most discouraging downpour.

I personally love the transparent umbrellas that have a little something-something added to them. They’re modern, charming and they don’t overpower your awesome outfit.

Kate Spade White Spot Umbrella



Printed tights


Whilst adding a pop of colour is the perfect way to bring a little bit of joy and liveliness to your look on a rainy day, adding a fun print adds an extra exuberance needed for those miserable mornings. It’s so simple- adding a pair of printed tights- yet it can suddenly turn your outfit into something entirely different; a uniqueness that suddenly makes you feel completely original. Not many dare to venture into the whimsical patterned legs look yet it can look wonderful and gives off the vibe that your a fashion guru in the making.

You most likely jumped in puddles and felt overwhelmingly giddy when you noticed the raindrops falling down. Why not bring back that kittenish spirit with a simple pair of printed tights?

Gipsy Nouvelle Dot Tights


To me, achieving a rainy day look is curating an idiosyncratic outfit with fun prints, colour and ladylike pieces to make the rain deities swoon.Take on board my styling secrets for how to dress chic on a rainy day and let the rain know that it can not and will not hold any power over you again. For you are a fashion queen that can totally boss it regardless if the weathers liquid sunshine or wild winds.



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