Three Mantras to cultivate emotional intelligence & empathy

A very important lesson I learnt during my journey of deep self-discovery was creating a concrete and extensive connection with yourself is vital in achieving true happiness. When you understand who you are on the deepest level, a whole new perspective of yourself awakens; you know what you love and hate and the things to avoid that will not allow you to grow or be happy. Most importantly you teach others around you your own worth, how they should love you and help you resulting in a deeper connection with other people too.

There are many aspects of discovering ones self and the average person does this to some extent. However, there are some areas that are often neglected and rarely spoken of. One of these areas is deep, emotional exploration. Becoming emotionally aware taps into your spiritual healing and encourages good mental health. It is a work of getting to know yourself, to look beyond the surface and remind yourself to inquire within- to ‘wake up’. Becoming emotionally intelligent in simple terms defines as being constantly in tune

with one’s own thoughts and feelings. To recognize emotional intelligence in oneself can help you regulate and manage your emotions, whilst being perceptive to emotions in others can lead to empathy and success in your relationships, both personal and professional.

Imagine if we all became a little more aware of our deepest emotions; their roots, the fears and reasons behind them, how they are expressed and how they are triggered. Just think of a world where each person developed their own emotional consciousness. To know how to communicate better with others and build stronger relationships and to have greater control over their behaviour and develop the skills to manage themselves more effectively.

There are many ways of enhancing emotional intelligence. Although this can be a difficult path, the rewards are life changing. Here are my three mantras that can help you heal and sharpen your emotional intelligence to begin a journey of spiritual and emotional awareness.


A mantra of love


Loving yourself is the most important step in becoming more emotionally intelligent. When you practice self-love, the relationship with yourself enhances and consequently the relationships you have with others improves as well. This emotional act encourages a healthy mind and allows you to be more self-assured so that you have the mental space to then be able to focus on others and their emotions.

More importantly, when you do not love yourself, how can you expect to properly love others? If you are unable to be kind to yourself and hate certain traits about yourself, you are not going to be able to love or tolerate these traits in others. It can turn into a negative spiral of unintentionally teaching others that these ‘flaws’ they have can not be truly loved by you or perhaps anyone else. This can turn into you both complaining and releasing negative energy together or a cause of friction. Neither of which are helping a development of emotional intelligence.


Mantra: (Repeat internally or out loud when you feel some anxiety or doubt bubbling up inside of you — specifically within a relationship, romantic or not.)

‘As a creature on this earth, I am worthy of being loved and cherished by others. My worth is untarnished by my imperfections or the way others see me.’




A mantra of guilt


It is no secret that when we are consumed by regret, we stop walking our path, unable to ever move forward with our lives. Letting go of guilt or remorse is no easy task but it must be tackled in order to grow and live. Although, I have written an in depth post on letting go, I did not mention the important mantra one can say to themselves in immediate times of guidance. Understanding how to forgive yourself is an important lesson as it allows you to then learn how to forgive others. You can never expect to be able to develop a deeper awareness of your emotions if you are only holding onto one emotion in particular. This will only stunt your growth. Mourning your losses or regretting mistakes is an important part of healing and growth but only if you do not hold onto it any longer than you need to.


Mantra: (Repeat during times  of self-doubt and you catch yourself with a pit in your stomach that is known as guilt)

‘I choose to free myself from all thoughts and feelings of guilt or regret. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.’



A mantra of overcoming fear


As an anxious person, this is something that I completely understand can be a very challenging feeling to face. However, it is manageable and repeating a positive mantra can seem so simple yet be so powerful in overcoming feelings of fear and nervousness. When we are anxious, a bubble forms that segregates yourself from the rest of the world. You can become overwhelmed with an emotion that blinds you from others and how they are feeling. This prevents you from ever being able to develop your emotional intelligence and empathy. Therefore, it is in your best interest to try and step out of your fears and focus on others instead. Only when you follow on this act, will you see the truth.


Mantra: (Repeat when you are feeling fearful or anxious about something that is not truly dangerous.)

‘I know that I am safe right now and this feeling will fade away. This is simply a natural response and I am not in danger.’

Learning how to become emotionally intelligent with in yourself is the first step towards a deep discovery that will unlock a new connection to your soul and consequently others too. When you can understand your own emotions and how you react to things, you will then have the knowledge to approach the people that you meet and communicate with on a daily basis. Developing your emotional intelligence and empathy brings forth a clearer perspective and deeper understanding on individual humans that will undoubtedly be beneficial for you as well as those around you. Repeat these mantras where necessary and watch as you slowly become more enlightened.

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